DreamRide- Most Frequently Asked Questions About Us

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We are one of the leading luxurious transportation service providers in Florida. We provide our VIP transportation services for every type of occasion. Whether you need our services for marriages and functions or travels and tours, we make our transportation services available for all these occasions. 

Here we have answered the most frequently asked questions about our luxurious transportation services. Let’s have a look below. 

What Are Your Hours of Operations? 

We will entertain you only when you will schedule your appointment. Just give us a call at our helpline number to schedule your appointment. 

Is there Any Booking Fee? 

Yes, there is a one-time non-refundable fee for booking your transportation. For stretch limos, we will charge you a $100 deposit, and for party buses, we will charge you a $200 deposit for one time.

Is there a Cleaning Fee?

We only charge you a cleaning fee if your transportation is too much dirty. This may include spills, stains, and vomit on the carpet or upholstery. The minimum clean-up fee we charge is $250. 

Is there a Damage Fee? 

Yes, if your transportation is damaged, we will charge you. The amount can vary depending on the assessment of the vehicle’s damage. 

Is Smoking Allowed Inside the Transportation? 

No, smoking is strictly prohibited in our VIP vehicles. If anyone found smoking inside the vehicle, a minimum clean-up fee of $250 will is charged. 

Apart from these questions, if you have any queries, you should visit our official website. You will get your answers.

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