Treating Depression At A Comprehensive Treatment Center: The Delray Center

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Depression can be spontaneous or it can develop due to concurring problems or individual experiences. In our comprehensive treatment center, we try to determine why depression has developed in the first place. We do this so that we can provide individualized treatment to the person so that it works to address all issues they face we don’t just treat the symptom of depression, we work to help them develop behavioral goals that will help them succeed on their own healing journey.

Given below are some mental health issues that can lead to depression:

· Substance Abuse Disorder: We have found that the individuals who have been diagnosed with substance abuse disorder, half of them have concurring mental health conditions. And, depression is the most common concurring mental health disorder.

· Bipolar Disorders: Many times it happens that individuals living with bipolar disorders are misdiagnosis for depression. Depression is a symptom of bipolar disorder. So, it’s important to differentiate between the two and find out if depression has been caused due to a bipolar diagnosis.

· Other Mood Disorders: Other mood disorders comprise Cyclothymic disorder or Disruptive mood dysregulation disorder. This can also lead to chronic depression, especially, if it is addressed with proper treatment.

· Hormonal Disorders: Hormonal disorders like hypothyroidism or Premenstrual dysphoric disorder encompass hormonal imbalances. These could result in the symptoms of depressive disorders. That’s why it is important that hormonal issues should be addressed well during depression treatment.

The Delray Center is now offering telemedicine mental health services for all of Florida. Feel free to call us!


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