Process of Get Admission in Canada For Higher Education

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Every year in Canada, literally more than two hundred thousand International students troop in as it is proved that studying in Canada is an exciting and rewarding experience. Canadian education reputation is recognized for excellence across the entire education sector as it is purely based on quality and is also honored by employers all over the world.

Now there is all kind of universities in Canada that is suitable for those who want to either pursue Canadian degree as a feather in the cap or for those who are seriously in chase of a professional qualification to accelerate their professional career.

Either way’s this article will give you details about the complete admission procedure and how to get admission in Canada.


Canadian Admission Process:

Below mentioned are the basic steps for application.

  • Finding the perfect course and universities that match your subject interest
  • Appealing the universities for application forms
  • Preparing and Appearing for various required tests
  • Organizing for university essays and requesting specific subject lecturers for recommendation letters
  • Finalizing the application form by attaching the required documents and sending the application to the universities
  • Wait for the I-20 from the colleges and further applying for a student visa

As the brief of applying for the university is mentioned above, know how to choose the best university for yourself out of the list of universities in Canada.

University Selection Procedure:

The below-mentioned points are to be kept in mind while selecting the university in order to get the best fit.

  • Scholastic Achievements and Basic Grades
  • Entrance Exam Scores - GRE/GMAT/SAT/TOEFL/IELTS
  • Fiscal Capability to pay the tuition fees and also stay in Canada
  • The most interesting subject which you are aiming to do Major in
  • Entry Term i.e., Fall, Summer, or Spring
  • University’s Rank and the overall reputation to be checked
  • The college’s student to faculty ratio to be understood
  • Place of the University
  • The climatical conditions

The Requisites of Pre-Application

A university selection is which is provisional and not completely permanent is called the pre-application. You must compile a list of universities that are favorable to your academic profile, your probable test scores, and your financial ability. Once this is done, you are supposed to send a letter out to all these universities, seeking admission at their prestigious colleges having a limit of 25 to 30 and request application materials from them. The application form can be retrieved in the following 3 ways.

  • Via email
  • Via Air Mail
  • Directly downloaded from the university web page

At this stage, you can seek the help of study abroad consultants as they are experienced in handling all the technicalities related to the abroad education process and can assist you at every level till you receive your visa grant.

The Mandatory Required Documents for the Admission Process

  • Fully filled application form
  • Requested university-specific or application portal essays
  • Statement of Purpose
  • MBA aspiring students must produce a Resume
  • Score reporting to be done through ETS for SAT/TOEFL/GRE/GMAT
  • Sufficient funds proof to be shown in the form of a letter from the bank
  • Financial Support Affidavit
  • University Transcripts and Mark sheets
  • Extracurricular Activities Participation or Achievement Certificates

This should be it for a brief process intro to start off. You can meet the study abroad admission experts for more in-depth information.

Good Luck!

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