Steps to Fix Bitdefender Update Error 1011

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Antivirus makes certain your system remains safe and protected. Without it, your system is similar to an open invitation into the onslaught attack of malware. To maintain your system and data in it secure, you want to have proper anti-virus protection.


Bitdefender is a really good choice to keep your system protected. It strikes all viruses from the machine and blocks the entrance of any dangerous applications. However, what's using antivirus that may not be upgraded? You're likely to confront issues in upgrading the antivirus. Error 1011 is 1 mistake you may confront. Bitdefender tech service is here to assist you in solving these mistakes.

Steps to Repair Error 1101:

To begin with, you will need to start the command prompt and then enter the command"Ping IP_updateserver 7074".

Here you need to check if the interface is available for getting upgrades or not.


  1. When the interface is away, then input the command"telnet IP_updateserver 7074".
  2. Again assess if the interface is open by conducting measure 1.
  3. Edit and assess the upgrade server.
  4. Today you have to check if the upgrade server is up and functioning with no glitches.
  5. When it's not, then assess whether epupdateserver.exe is operating.
  6. When the epupdateserver.exe is operating, then you'll have the ability to upgrade the antivirus with no glitches.
  7. With the support of the aforementioned steps, you'll have the ability to repair the mistake 1101 and update your antivirus.


But when the error still persists or you're struggling with any issue, then you may get in touch with us to find the very best support. We'll lead you through all of the doubts and issues and will ensure you know the process entirely. We've got a specialist staff that has years of expertise in tackling issues. We're available 24*7 and will always be present to assist you in times of demand. Get in touch with us anytime we're only 1 call away.

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