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Any man can suffer from Erectile Dysfunction because there several other health issues that causes ED in the future. According to survey every man experience erectile dysfunction at least once in a lifetime. When any man suffers from ED it shows its impact on his daily life too. Sexual health is very important for man because it affects mental health. The man suffers from depression, stress and irritation because of this issue. He must seek medical treatment that will not lead this disease to stay permanently with him.

Zenegra is one such kind of medication which gives a complete solution over ED problems. It is a generic version of Viagra that solves the erection downtime issue. Zenegra is really useful for all types of erection troubles such as lack of erection due to mental worries, temporary or permanent suffering from erectile dysfunction. Zenegra stretches erection capacity for a long time and thus patient suffering from premature ejaculation can experience sexual pleasure for a long time. Within a very short period of time after taking this pill one can start enjoying strong erection. By sending enough blood amount of time for a long time this medication gives so much energy for the sexual lovemaking activity. This medication has big contribution for satisfied and happy like of many lives. Being a generic version of the brand pill this medicine offers a cost effective solution with the same performance. Sildenafil Citrate (PDE 5 inhibitor) is an active compound used in the formation of Zenegra. Sildenafil Citrate is exactly the same compound used in brand pill Viagra. Thus, it gives same sexual performance to a patient like brand pill. Zenegra is helping millions men suffering from Impotence ED issue and bringing back the sexual pleasure back in their life.

There are many causes that create erection problems. Some causes are psychological, such as depression, stress and work pressure. Physical causes are accidental damage, diabetes, various cardiovascular diseases, high fat on the body. All the causes create one major issue that leads to Erectile Dysfunction i.e. inadequate blood supply to the penis. Zenegra works by sending required blood supply and helps man to experience long time erection up to 4-6 hours. Sildenafil Citrate lowers creation PDE5 enzymes and simultaneously it works on the level of CGMP. It forces blood from arteries toward male organ. Until the existence of Sildenafil citrate i.e. PDE5 inhibitor, is there man gets sufficient blood supply. Zenegra 100mg dosage keeps this process alive up to 4-6 hours.


1) Zenegra medications must be taken according the guidance and after primary consultation with physician. Only use this medication if you are diagnosed with Erectile Dysfunction.
2) To avoid complications, one must take medications with essential dosage and quantity. Medication must be taken only once in 24 hrs. An overdose may cause severe side effects.
3) Excitement toward health might be dangerous do not take more than an extra dosage pill just for sake more strong erection. Medication is purely manufactured with medical conditions and no one will experience double performance just by taking overdoses of pills. But overdose surely give many side effects and you are required to get medical help.
4) Some patient is allergic to the contents of the allopathic MEDs. If you have any kind of known allergy with the content of the pill then do not consume this medication.


1) Consuming Zenegra along with other nitrate medication will give side effects. Avoid consumption 2 nitrate medications at the same time.
2) High fat food absorbs content of the medication and one may experience poor performance from the medication. Try to avoid such food content when you decided to go with a pill.
3) Utilization of various medications for the same treatment will surely give you severe side effects. Doing such things may lead to Heart’s stroke and other serious life threatening issues.

Side Effects

1) Consumption of Zenegra without considering requiring measures will give you side effects. As this medication is manufactured with proper care, thus it does not give severe side effects. But sometimes one may experience serious side effects. One should reach to doctor to take help.
2) Commonly observed side effects are nausea, headache, restless feeling, weakness, heavy breathing, change of vision, blurred vision.
3) Some serious effects are rarely observed are chest pain, severe migraine, erection persistence more than the standard time. One should contact the physician if any, of such problem occurs.
4) There many temporary side effects are observed, which varies from patient to patient. They occur according to the physical condition of the patient.


1) The doctor suggests medication dosage always different for every person. Sometimes it is prescribed according to the seriousness of the disease. Zenegra is available in 50mg and 100mg dosage. 100mg dosage of Zenegra is commonly prescribed.
2) Any dosage must be taken once in a day. Overdose may create serious effects on the body. Zenegra tablet, must be consumed along with water.
3) Overdose of the medication is strictly prohibited.


1) Sildenafil citrate has fast reacting naturally to atmospheric conditions. Moisture contains water and it reacts with sildenafil citrate and there are chances of damage to exact compound. It is dangerous to take such pill as there might be an alien compound formed by the reaction of the pill to the moisture. Thus, it is better to keep the medications in a dry place.
2) The pill must be kept away from 3 factors – Sunlight, temperature & moisture. This medication is not at all good for children and may cause serious complication. Always keep Zenegra away from children contact.

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