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Bidis are slim, hand-rolled, unfiltered, Indian-style cigarettes that are being smoked fondly in India since a long time. Indian Bidis are also simply called "Beedi" and considered to be a more healthier and natural version of a long thick cigarette. It is a cheap alternative to the expensive cigarette and urban smokers are getting more attracted to these Bidi Cigarettes by virtue of their less harm and less price.


These unfiltered hand-rolled Bidis Cigarettes give you the right taste and flavor of the tobacco. Bidis are often seen as healthier or more natural than cigarettes. More recently, bidis have taken on a number of different dessert-like flavors including: chocolate, vanilla, cherry, licorice, and mango. These “normal” flavors create a greater acceptance towards bidis, especially among the younger generation.


These slim Bidi Cigarettes can be smoked to attain relaxation or even drag for a soothing experience. Now they can be available on various online stores, they might go with different names like: Bidi, Bidi Cigarettes, Beedi or Biri.

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