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E-commerce-logo: manieren en tips voor het maken

Door Sarahd gepubliceerd op Monday 27 July 14:06



Statistics show that in 2018, 1.8 billion internet users bought goods that cost $ 2.8 billion. Online shopping will only increase according to experts. How do online store owners compete for customer attention? You need to bring your site to the attention of competitors, which gives your audience a positive image. Branding helps with this.

Develop an E-Commerce logo step by step

To know how to create an ecommerce logo you need to know what it should be. Essentially, such a symbol is intended for the headline of the site, as well as for associated products: packaging, advertising material. Standard logo requirements are:

• uniqueness;

• memorability;

• brevity;

• expressiveness;

• universality;

• associativity.

Summary: Your commercial site needs a symbol that is easy to remember and can be quickly linked to the source. It should also look good in small and enlarged versions and be adapted for different types of screens. Now consider how to create such an element of the brand.



First conduct a study:

• study the market niche;

• determine the target group;

• understand who your main competitors are.

At the same stage, identify the main competitive differences of your project, its current status and prospects. Formulate a brand philosophy, identify different criteria that customers should have about you.


After you receive the analytical data, identify specific tasks and goals, formulate the overall strategy of the company. It will be the basis of your image. Now consider which obvious images your brand evokes. List words, emotions and associations.

The selection of the elements

It is time to work out the concept. Identify the main ideas of the e-commerce logo, start working on concepts and sketches. At the same stage, you need to choose the font, colors and graphics (photo processing rules, page layout, selection of graphic elements) for your brand. These elements should accompany the entire commercial site: from the header of the main page to the description of the goods.

To test

Ready-made logo options should be tested on the public. For starters, this could be your project team. Then you have several options: either to place the logo on the site, or to use the services of companies that perform tests on target groups of people. According to your parameters, they will select typical representatives of TA and (in their opinion) will choose the best image for the project.


The approved e-commerce logo design is gradually introduced into your project. The site's header, watermarks in the picture, profile pictures on social networks, packaging, branded products, advertisements on the Internet and on the street - all this must be accompanied by the most important element of your corporate identity.

Protection of rights for the visual objects

People always try to copy the successful visuals. But that is not a problem. Imagine a copy of the McDonalds logo. The original is still recognizable. The owner of the logo does not lose anything if he has registered his rights on it. As soon as you come to an image that will satisfy you and appeal to the public, you must urgently protect it by law.

The main types of logos

We can roughly define different types of popular logos used for branding commercial online projects.

1. Graphic. They are especially popular with major brands. These are simple images, not supplemented with text. They are suitable for companies with an already well-formed associative attitude towards the brand. In such cases, the public sees multilevel meanings in simple symbolism. Best examples are Mercedes-Benz, Shell, Apple.


This category also includes logo characters - basically brand mascots, which, if implemented correctly, will instill confidence in the public. Examples that easily pop up in your head: Colonel Sanders, Mr. Propper, Bibendum.


2. Text logos are a stylized company name (or an abbreviation with this name) made in the form of an icon. It is easily perceived by the audience. It is well remembered and quickly evokes the necessary associations. This design option was chosen by ASOS, Google, McDonald's, Microsoft.


3. Combination. These are symbols that combine the company name and graphic elements. Their variation are the emblems often used by car manufacturers. The examples of such combinations are Intel, Nissan, Amazon.


Making an ecommerce logo: 4 ways

The first thing that comes to mind is to draw it yourself. Advantages: you clearly understand what you want, you have full control over the process and you create a unique option for free. But it is only possible if you are good at drawing and know how to work with graphics programs. Be prepared to spend about 20 business hours on the process.

The second option is to order an e-commerce logo design from a professional. You must draw up the detailed reference terms. Advantages: a huge choice of designers and high-quality results. Disadvantages: a difficult search for a professional, the need to control the process, high costs.

You can create an e-commerce logo online using the Logaster service. This is a generator of e-commerce logos: you need to specify the name of the company and, if desired, choose a color scheme, the field of your project. The service generates dozens of unique options. You can download what you want, in any size and type (including the logo on a transparent background). Advantages: fully automated process, affordable costs. Disadvantages: it is not possible to use your own fonts and icons on the site.


The fourth way is beneficial. Sign up for a crowdsourcing service (e.g. crowdspring.com or designhill.com) and create an application. Interested designers will send in their sketches. You can choose the desired option and pay for it. Advantages: a wide choice of options from designers with a different style approach. Disadvantages: lack of process control. With many services, you pay even if nothing is right for you.


How do you create an ecommerce logo to create a successful brand image? Develop all elements of the house style at the same time. Focus on your own audience and the benefits of your project. Remember, brand names can change over time. You may have to try creating a logo with the name of your company to begin with. When it becomes famous, you can experiment with creating a symbol.



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