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Monaco is the country of not only beautiful nature, specific examples of architecture and long and interesting history. This small country attracted people to visit this place for one exact thing that is legal and profitable here – casino in Monte Carlo. This place became famous for its luxurious casino in the heart of Monte Carlo city. An interesting fact is that in Monaco there are only three cities, each of them has a historical building with a casino inside, and all of them were built in 19th century. Monte Carlo casino that is located in the city with the same name is the most popular among the gamers all over the world. This casino is remarkable for its architecture and decorations, besides there is a room that is called the United States of America. The building also has European Renaissance Salon. Here all casino games are popular. Among them are poker and other card games, roulette, a number of slot machines and other famous gambling kinds. For the privileged public casino provides closed private rooms: Salon Francois-room Ace Medsen decorated with sculptures and paintings. The complex includes a casino, cabaret room and Garnier Opera that is considered the most luxurious of all: the interior is decorated in red and gold colors, has sculptures, reliefs and murals. It is open for all the most famous concerts of the world. Facade of the casino overlooks the sea, and the whole complex is surrounded by gorgeous park with green lawns, bright flowerbeds and terraces rising up the mountainside. It is easy to lose millions in this luxurious Palace of passion.

Such perfect position of Monaco in the question of gaming and legal casinos was formed historically. Charles III Grimaldi, having inherited a poverty-stricken country, decided to capitalize on human weaknesses, namely gambling and lust for easy money. In 1863, a famous owner of gaming business Francois Blanc visited Monaco. A resort town of Homburg was a place where Blanc’s business was established, and it is known that the total fortune of this businessman equaled more than 20 million francs. After the discussion with the prince, and weighing all the pros and cons, Blanc decided not to get involved into opening and developing of casino theme in Monaco. However, his wife pressured him and in the end, Blanc agreed. With the advent of Blanc’s finance, gaming went significantly big. The main investor still lived in Homburg and appeared in Monaco only on short visits, but his money worked perfectly and did its job. In place of a few dull villages like in a fairy tale grew luxury hotels, villas and restaurants. According to the famous architect Charles Garnier, a gambling house was built there made of white marble, a real palace of the game – Casino. Casino means house from Italian. This name became a household word for all the gaming houses and buildings.

Through the efforts of biased newspaper reporters who wrote about the paradise, favorable climate, brilliant aristocratic society, as well as by the authors of hundreds of novelettes picturing bohemian life, where the hero eventually and consistently rips a huge jackpot, the words Monte Carlo and Casino became the passwords, symbols of luxurious living and good luck. Monaco attracted people from all over the world like a magnet, and many of those who got there, stayed there forever, bound by invisible chains.

However, not all people can get to this casino, as their age should not be less than 21 years. In addition, when visiting the casino Monte Carlo a person needs to be dressed appropriately, as the dress code of the institution is very strict. A specific feature of this casino is that all players’ actions can stay anonymous for everyone who wants to have the privacy. Black Jack, craps, slot machines and other popular kinds of games like American Roulette can be easily found in US style casino in Monaco. When one visits this casino it is important to be dressed appropriately, but there are no severe restrictions, and the legal age for visiting casino is 18 years old. It should be noted that a person who does not look at his/her age must have a document that will prove the identity and age.

Some casinos in Monaco specialize only on slot machines. A variety of lotteries and other games can be held there as well. However, they also have a right to have different slots and roulette games. The level of casino and gaming development is so high that one can play various games even in an open air.

Earlier gaming sphere made the basis of the whole economic system of the country. However, nowadays, its part makes only 5% of the total revenue. During the economic crisis of the late XIX century, only revenues from gaming tables saved Principality from bankruptcy. For some time the casino in Monaco was the only one in Europe. Players were titled personages and famous adventurers. At the same time, casino and legal ability to play various venturous games annually attracts thousands of tourists here leading to more financial flows into the country’s treasury. An interesting fact is that citizens of Monaco do not pay taxes but instead they cannot play in the casino, as it is restricted for them by the government. Gambling in Monaco is one of the leading sectors of the economy, and, of course, everything is protected and regulated by law.

Compared to the USA and its situation with casinos, Monaco has a governmental control over the gaming industry. At the same time, in USA government just regulates the licensing. Games are legal in 48 states and totally prohibited in Hawaii and Yuta. It was calculated that in general every American citizen spends on gaming about 157$ every year including newborns and older people. Citizens of the USA have rights to play in casinos and this makes the annual revenue from gaming bigger than income from other entertaining spheres like cinema, sport shows, cruises and music records taken together. The most popular city for playing in casino is Las Vegas, Nevada, where the number of hotels is bigger than in New York. Vegas and its casinos attract millions of Americans and tourists where they spend significant amounts of money. At the same time, it was also reported that the level of crimes also raises in those places where casinos open, while in Monaco there is a strict police monitoring what makes it difficult for crimes to develop.

Monaco is a beautiful country and gaming industry here makes this place attractive for tourists and brings some revenue to the country treasury. Special rules of visiting casinos, dress code and the highest level of the players creates a unique image of this country making it a dream-visiting place for ones and favorite resort for others. Casinos in Monaco have total governmental support and protection what makes it impossible for this industry to fall down. Thus, the gaming industry in Monaco is widespread and continues to evolve rapidly, making the country richer and more famous.

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