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Christians believe in Jesus, and that is what they confess in their religion. They believe that Jesus is the Son of God, the Messiah, and the promised Christ. They also state that He is the Savior that God promised to send into the world so that he could redeem them from the bondage of sin. The belief that Jesus is the Redeemer of the world makes Christians believe that there is hope for the perpetrators of the current evil. Thus, this paper explains the Christian faith in Jesus as the Redeemer, and how it affects their views and ways they choose to fight the issues facing the society today.

As it has been said, Christians believe that Jesus is the Redeemer. God created the world that was good and perfect. He put a man and a woman in the Garden of Eden so that they could enjoy life and live happily. However, Satan confused them, and they sinned against their Creator. As a result, God threw them out of the Garden of Eden. Fortunately, Satan did not accomplish his mission. Obviously, he wanted the relationship between man and God to be destroyed. He knew about all the good things that God could give to people. Moreover, considering the fact Satan was once an angel of Lord, he was aware of God’s love and goodness. Satan was willing to do everything possible to ensure that the relationship between man and God ended. Thus, he kept confusing men to sin and go against the will of their Creator. So, Christians believe that Satan is the origin of evil. He still confuses people to commit sins so that he will not go to hell alone. He wants to get followers who will perish with him in the eternal fire. He knows that God is Holy and does not like sin. Thus, Satan is sure sin will separate the Lord and human beings.

After continuous sinning and disobedience, God was angry. He was remorseful for having created a man in his own image. However, the Bible says that his love endures forever. So, the Lord had to look for a permanent that would revive his relationship with the man. According to Christians, He decided to give human beings the best thing that he had. He wanted a constant Redeemer and Savior that would always remind him of his love for his creation. Consequently, God gave his only son to die for the sins of the people. He promised through his prophets that he would give a Messiah to save the world and fulfilled his covenant. He sent Jesus Christ to be born of a virgin, grow in the world as a man, and die for the creation. His death was an acceptable sacrifice that had no blemish. Jesus was innocent but had to die for the relationship between God and man to be recovered.

Christians believe that Jesus was obedient to his father. He wanted to save the world that his father had created. Jesus loved the world too and was ready to give up his life for the sake of humans. He was crucified and died on the cross. However, Christians believe that Jesus was raised from the dead on the third day. In such a way, He defeated death and Satan. This means that people will also win the battle with the evil. Later, Jesus ascended to heaven after completing his mission. He had sacrificed his life for the world. He went back to his father and sits at the right-hand side of God. Every Christian who believes in Jesus receives forgiveness and favor from God. The sacrifice that Jesus made on the cross reminds God of his love to the world. He forgives humans every sin and makes them his children.

In the current society, there are many challenges that the world is facing. There are a lot of insecurity issues, crime, hunger, and uncertainty. However, Christians believe that they have favor from God because the sacrifice of his son reminds the Lord of his love to the world. God sacrificed what he valued most when he gave up his only son for the sake of the world. Therefore, God knows how to deal with the existing problems, and he will send solutions to the people that he loves. There are many evils in the world. One can often hear about continuous and mass murders of innocent individuals, rapes, robberies and corruption among other. According to Christian religion, these actions are evil and not acceptable in the eyes of God. However, they believe that their perpetrators still have a chance in the eternal kingdom. The blood of Jesus makes God show mercy to all sinners in case they repent and give their lives to the Lord. As a result, they will receive forgiveness, and their lives will change.

In conclusion, Christians believe and confess that Christ Jesus is the Redeemer of the world. God gave his son to the world to save humankind. Satan had planned to confuse man so that he will never be a part of the eternal kingdom. However, Jesus rescued the situation. He redeemed the world and gave human beings another chance to be forgiven by God. They are sure that Christ Jesus is the promised Messiah that makes them have hopes that the evils in the current world will once come to an end.

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