Scholarships for Higher Studies in Education Institutions of Sweden

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The higher education degree programs in Sweden, just like any other system, is tripartite into Bachelors, Masters and Ph.D. programs. The Bachelor program spans for 3 years, Master for 2 years and PhD may extend for several years depending upon the research field.

According to the Swedish Education system, the Bachelors's, Masters and Doctoral programs are referred to as the First cycle, Second cycle and Third cycle, respectively.

A list of renowned universities in Sweden:

Below is the list of universities in Sweden for International Students to study at are-

  • Uppsala University
  • University of Skovde
  • Halmstad University
  • Jonkoping University
  • Dalarna University

It is necessary to have a basic understanding of the cost of tuition fee and other expenses. International students coming from non-European Union countries are required to pay the tuition fee as stated by the respective educational institutions for the academic year. It varies depending upon the subject of choice. The average tuition fee for MSc is SEK 129,000 per year (10 INR = about 1.3 SEK). Besides, a one-time application fee of 900 SEK is payable for four programs or if you’re applying to four universities at a time. A non-EU international student may spend around SEK 8,370 per month on living depending upon the city to city.


The international students can apply for scholarships in the universities best before the beginning of the autumn semester. A lot of scholarships are provided for post-graduation study in Sweden for international students coming from non-EU countries.


Jonkoping University Scholarships

International students applying for higher studies at Jonkoping University as the first choice are preferred for the scholarship. As an eligibility criterion, students must be academically brilliant to be able to avail of this scholarship.

Under this scheme, 30% of the annual tuition fee is covered for three consecutive years of study at the most. Every semester the scholar should maintain the academic scores otherwise the scholarship is revoked. The scholar should not change the course of study and school as per the terms and conditions of the scholarship scheme.


Uppsala University Global Scholarship

At Uppsala University, international students are eligible for Global Scholarships if pursuing a Master's program. Formerly known as IPK scholarship, it covers the cost of tuition only irrespective of the nationality of non-EU/EEA students.

The scholarship cannot be availed of for distance learning courses.

Also, a student must meet the entry requirement for the master's program.

A separate application should be sent to the university demonstrating academic achievements.

Uppsala University President’s Club Scholarship

Just like the Global Scholarship, this scholarship is offered to international students who are citizens of non-European Union countries. Students enrolling for the master's program are screened for their academic history and then shortlisted. The tuition fee is covered under this scheme.

The scholarship cannot be availed of for distance learning courses.

Also, a student must meet the entry requirement for the master's program.

For more information regarding scholarships offered by Uppsala University and other universities in Sweden, reach out to Best Overseas Education Consultants in India. Authorized consultants do not charge a consultation fee.

Halmstad University scholarships

The scholarship offered to the non-EU meritorious students covers 25% to 30% of the tuition fees. However, the student should pay the tuition fee during enrolment. It is provided only to students pursuing a master course at the campus. A student should fill out the scholarship application form online and submit before the deadline is missed.

It is offered every year for the entire program based on academic performance during semester exams.

Likewise, you can search for scholarships offered by other universities in Sweden or seek the assistance of education consultants.

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