Best Excuses for Turning down an Invite

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Did you ever get invited to a party that did not interest you in the first place?

What were your initial thoughts? Were they something like “oh, bummer! I don’t want to waste my time” or “there goes my happy hour?”

If yes, then did you refuse or you accepted the invitation, saying, “I’ll be there?”

It is understandable if you consented to the invite, as saying ‘no’ is a highly daunting task. However, you can’t continue dealing with situations like this because it can turn into a torment for you. Also, if you think being blunt and upfront about something may upset the other person, you must configure ways which can help you decline invitations politely. To help you in this regard, some tried-and-tested excuses for turning down an invite are listed below:

Cash a Public Event

A public event can help you decline an invitation gracefully. All you have to do is Google public events happening near you, such as a sporting event or a gallery opening. Next, you need to inform your would-be host about your unavailability, which they surely will accept.

To remain in their good books and to get invited to future events, you can exchange the following remarks with the person:

“I’m sorry, but I have already purchased the tickets to the XYZ sporting event. I hope your party is a success and we can catch up any time soon.”

Blame It on an Appointment

This excuse is a tricky one, and you must use it wisely but not so often. Tell the inviter that you have an appointment on the same day. On this account, avoid bringing up any ailment that can be life-threatening. So, steer clear of malaria, STDs or anything of a similar sort and pick something common but not so severe. For example, you can name this appointment as a routine check-up or colonoscopy to decline the invitation.

You must avoid going into details as this can potentially blow up your cover. Summate the conversation in minimal sentences and wish good luck to your would-be host, for instance:

“Hi, I just received your wedding invitation, and I already know that you’ll make a pretty bride. Unfortunately, I won’t be there to see you walking down the aisle as I have a colonoscopy scheduled on the very day.”

Use Assessment Activities as a Shield

If you are a student, you can use academic excuses to counter unwanted invitations. Since everyone is familiar with the academic writing torment, you can get away with these excuses easily. Simply, tell the person that you have been working consecutively for hours and, hence, you cannot make it to their event. Try to be as dramatic as possible and say something along the lines:

“I am sorry, but you know how it is- academic life and its writing woes. Believe me, I have been working on an essay tirelessly for hours, but I am nowhere close to completing it. To make it to your party, I even tried getting essay help online but got no leads as of yet. So, I hope you can understand my problem.”

Come Up with Noble Excuses

If you can use excuses to paint a good picture of yourself, why not kill two birds with one stone? Notify the person about your other noble engagements, such as attending a fundraising program or helping your niece with her homework. By using such excuses, you can easily let yourself off the hook while imposing a great impression on your would-be host.

Try staying humble while exchanging the following remarks:

“I am so happy for you! You finally graduated! I would love to attend your party, but I have already promised to help my niece with her test. Can we schedule a meeting sometime after your party? After all, it’s great news!” 

Declare Your Pet Sick

You must avoid using this excuse as much as you can, especially when you don’t own a pet. However, you can consider declaring your fictional pet sick in the hours of need. Since people are really touchy about animals, you can use this fact to your advantage sometimes. You can decline the invitation by saying something similar to the below mentioned statement:

“I can’t make it to your special day, and I’m really sorry about it. Actually, my pet is not well nowadays, and the vet has prescribed time-based medicines for her. Once she comes around, I’ll visit you soon!”

Thus, these are some of the best excuses you can employ to decline invitations politely. Other than offering successful results, these excuses do not sabotage the probability of getting invited to other future events. So, use these excuses now without any reservations on your mind!

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