Video Translation Subtitling and its Uses

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In this fast-paced world, everyone is busy in their own ways to follow their dreams, taking care of their family members, in search of growth in their career path, etc. Despite of all these, they can feel relaxed and happy by watching films, reality shows, sports and so on. So, there is no doubt it should entertain them in their native language.

Also, to learn new languages we watch films, short stories, etc. in different languages. This is where video subtitling Rates services are used to translate a foreign language film subtitles into our native ones, for better understanding.

Dubbing and subtitling are two major types of screen translation. Most of the people consider dubbing and subtitling to be same, but it’s not. Dubbing is the form of post-synchronized re-voicing, that mostly involves a recorded voice, that do not belong to the on-screen actors. It refers more generally as adding or replacing spoken lines of the source actors in a film, in same or different languages. Whereas subtitling transforms the speech into writing without altering anything in speech. The sound effects are also added as subtitles, as it helps in understanding context.

There are many online tools to add video subtitles. However, online tools are not the best way to add subtitles, because software tools cannot do justice to the dialogues in a video or movie. Using human-generated video subtitling companies will enhance your videos and the dialogues are translated in accurate manner.

 We know subtitles are so important for a video as it helps in many ways that include:

1.      Not everyone can hear an audio- It is found that over 28 million American adults are hard of hearing.

2.      Some people don’t turn on audio- It is recorded that 85% of the Facebook videos are watched on mute.

3.      Some people can’t turn on audio- Because of speaker problem in the mobile phones and headset; some people can’t turn on audio.

4.      Subtitles improve comprehension- Adding subtitles to video will make it easy to understand.

5.      Not everyone speaks same language- When you think to increase your video views across the world to many people.

6.      Viewers are more engaged- It is known that 91% of the people gets more engaged with the videos with subtitles compared to videos without subtitles.

7.      Subtitles increase video’s social reach- It is known that 16% of the higher reach is found in Facebook with subtitle than without.

8.      Increase SEO- Because of better understanding people spend more time in video, this helps in increasing of dwell time.

Visual subtilling requires many technical experts and linguists to work on translating a video and broadcast the message to international audience. We are an ISO 9001:2015 standard organization, equipped to deliver subtitling services in 100+ languages, with our rush and super rush services. 

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