The Rates of Typing Services

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Online typing services come in many forms. It could be a simple document typing, an audio transcription, and data entry services. However, these online typing services may have Typing services Rates that vary on the location and level of expertise. Below are the pricing rates of the different online typing services which also include the typing services near me.

Online Typing Services Rates

Per type of online typing services entail different pricing structures. Moreover, there are also a number of predisposing factors that may affect such structure.

Rates for document typing

Document typing or copy typing is defined as the simple conversion of the original context format to another format. For example, converting a PDF document to a Microsoft Word document. For this online typing services, basically, pricing structure comes per page of typed document. From $4-15 USD, the rate of copy typing start from this standard price range per page.

However, the price may vary depending on the turnaround time affecting the typing process. Further, other requirements must also be considered. Some typist may define each page based on the number of words. Yet, the typist may opt to charge based on per hour basis.

Rates for audio typing

Audio typing is also known as the audio transcription. It is the transferring of an audio file or video file into a text file like the Microsoft Word. This type of online typing services entail a fixed pricing structure that makes it convenient for clients.

Basically, the price rates for audio typing is charged per audio minute or per hour. The standard rates usually begin with a range of $1.50 – 3 per minute of audio. In case there are requirements to be added, this price rate may increase.

Rates for data entry

Data entry may be defined as the process of encoding or updating the basic information into the system. Usually, this type have many forms which typically involve basic data entry. It only utilizes a standard spreadsheet software like Microsoft Excel.

The price rates can be charged on a fixed rate basis or based on an hourly pricing. Hourly pricing may be charged similarly with document typing services. But, most data entry typists charge per piece rate basis like per row on a spreadsheet.

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