Sony 24V ac adapter for Sony HD 3D Smart TV power supply

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Maximum transmission power adapter replacement - Sony ACDP-240E01 ac power adapter 24V. ACDP-240E01 adapters are compatible with battery charging Sony XBR65X930D 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD 3D Smart TV (2016 Model). Shopping ACDP-240E01 ac adapter online, more discount and money-saving. Check your Sony output power and voltage before you order ACDP-240E01 charging adapter service. Cost-effective adapter charging replacement, please visit for more information.


  • Brand : Sony AC adapter


  • Input Voltage : AC 100V - 240V 2.6A 50-60Hz(for worldwide use)

  • Output Volatge : 24V--9.4A,240W


ACDP-240E01 adapter replacement model:

ACDP-240E01 149311713 16018015437 BRAVIA XBR-65X930D XBR-55X930D

Compatiblet with Sony XBR65X930D 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD 3D Smart TV (2016 Model):

Sony XBR65X930D 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD 3D Smart TV (2016 Model)
SONY TV XBR-55X930D 55-inch 4k Ultra HD 3D Smart TV
Note: Please make sure the DC output and Connecter size of ac adapter are the same as above listing before you bid!!!
We will send you the power cord with the corresponding wall plug according to your shipping address. If you need the different plug used in your country, please leave a message immediately after you have paid.

Sony ACDP-240E01 adapter maintenance method :

1, waterproof and moisture-proof. As an electronic product, accidentally entering the water or exposing it to humid air when not in use for a long time will cause various degrees of corrosion or oxidation of its internal electronic components.
2, anti-drop and shockproof. The mobile phone charger is actually a fragile component, and the internal components cannot withstand the beating. In particular, prevent accidental landing during use. Do not throw, knock or shake the charger. Rough handling of the charger will destroy the internal circuit board.
3. Anti-strength chemical products. Do not use harsh chemicals, detergents or strong detergents to clean the charger. Remove the appearance of the charger. Use a cotton dampened with a small amount of absolute alcohol.
4. Put static electricity during cleaning. Clean the charger and charging interface regularly. When cleaning, use a damp cloth or an antistatic cloth. Do not use a dry cloth (electrostatic charge).
5, anti-cold and heat-proof. Do not place the charger in an area where the temperature is too high. High temperatures can shorten the life of electronic devices, destroy chargers, and deform or melt some plastic parts. Also do not store the charger in a cold place. When the charger is operating in a cold environment, when the internal temperature rises, moisture will form in the charger, destroying the board.


ASUS ADP-330AB 100-240V~4.4A 50-60Hz (for worldwide use) 19.5V 16.9A 330W

HP LH-03333 AC 110--240V 50/60Hz 30V

Netgear 332-10884-01 100-240V~50-60Hz 1.0A 12V 3.5A/42W

Netgear 332-10886-01 100-240V~50-60Hz 1.0A 12V 3.5A/42W

Samsung PN8014 100V-240V 50-60Hz(FOR WORLDWID 14V--5.72A 80W

SONY ADP-200HR 100-240V 2.5A 50-60Hz (for worldwide use) 19.5V

LG AD-48F19 100- 240V~2.25A 50-60Hz 19V

PHILIPS HQ8505 100-240V 15V 360mA -380mA DC


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