Razer 911GT 911-S5A S5TA M5TA charger replacement Razer 150W power adapter

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Get easy to replace a new Razer A15-150P1A power charger. To choose the correcting Razer 911GT 911-S5A S5TA M5TA power charger 150W. Check Razer 150W ac adapter compatible with more Razer series at www.notebookbattery.co.nz.


Product Details:

Input Volt: 100-240V 50-60Hz (for worldwide use)
Output Volt: 19V 7.89A, 150W


Part Numbers:

A15-150P1A A150A010L A14-150P1A ADP-150VB B

Fit Models:

Razer 911GT 911-S5A S5TA M5TA



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DE: A15-150P1A adapter für Razer

How to maintain and use Razer A15-150P1A power charger correctly

1. You should create a good cooling environment.

When using the in a high temperature environment, place the Razer 150W power adapter in a place that is not exposed to direct sunlight and ventilation; do not place the power adapter near the cooling air outlet of the notebook; at the same time, we can put the adapter on the side to make the heat better distributed.

2. If the voltage is unstable, it needs to be stopped in time.

Although the Razer charger is a wide-band operating voltage, it can be marked from 100V to 240V, but if it is used under extremely unstable voltage, it will also cause serious heat or damage to the power adapter. If you need to temporarily borrow power from other brands, try to choose an adapter with the same or larger output current.

3. If an abnormality occurs, stop using it in time.

When you are not using the A15-150P1A adapter, unplug the power cord. Prolonged power-up will keep the adapter working and will affect the end of life. When the power adapter emits large working noise or even smoke, it is often damaged or has a fault. It should be stopped immediately and can be used again after being repaired by professional engineers.


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