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Transcription services

Door ScarletGrace gepubliceerd op Thursday 07 November 08:14


Audio Transcription is the procedure of converting an audio file into a textual one. It is the conversion of a digital sound format into a readable file for various tangible purposes. This audio transcription process is not confined only to humans, as some audio transcription providers even use it for understanding the tones and sounds of animals and birds.  Services that provide these kinds of audio transcription works are called as audio-visual transcription company or simply as audio transcription services. The following points may be valued for understanding some important details about these audio transcriptions.


The services for audio transcription can be done in 2 ways: One is the use of online platforms called automated transcription. These are relatively searched online audio transcription services”. But keep in mind, all those that come with cheap pricing are not assured with quality. This is true for audio transcription through automated platforms. But considering the time of delivery, turnaround is possibly quick through online mode of transcription Services near me, but not with expected quality and standards.

The second mode is the use of real transcriptionists for transcribing your audios. A transcriptionist (in US English) or a Transcriber (UK English) is a language expert who can understand the dialects and nuances of an audio clipping and convert them into readable one, using their skills and knowledge. This is typically called as manual transcription.  Since, this mode is a highly reliable one, you can experience good quality in the works. But remember to get ready for the payment of your order, as audio and verbatim transcription services require some bucks for the labour done.


The rates of companies vary according to a few characteristics like:

  • The experience of the audio transcriptionist
  • Time taken for the audio clipping
  • Type of transcription to be done
  • Purpose/source for audio transcription
  • Mode of audio transcription
  • Turnaround time of delivery of the transcript

Still, some companies offer affordable rates for your transcriptions. for example, taking Vanan Online Services; they have a reasonable pricing on both verbatim and time-stamped/time-coded audio transcription works as:

There are even projects exclusively to customers called as ‘rush audio transcription services’ where you are given the quickest delivery possible on your order. Some clients even demand for a time-coded transcription work, where a transcriptionist is required to provide the exact time intervals of a speaker’s dialogue in the transcript. These are charged additionally by a service provider. Still, the audio transcription rates of Vanan is affordable;

 Having a purpose for your audio transcription-whether it is for a business, Legal, to a Medical one, or for USCIS, or even for personal needs- is essential, to understand about the pricing and standard norms to adhere to by the audio transcription companies for precision.

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