Study at the Silicon Valley of Europe: Ireland

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Located to the west of Great Britain and east of Canada and the USA, Ireland is an island nation that is also known as Europe’s economic powerhouse. In the past three or four decades, after becoming a member of the European Union Ireland is home to some of the finest universities in the world. Higher education aspirants who wish to pursue their studies abroad can study in Ireland as there are two dozen universities and institutes of technology to apply. Natural sciences, technology, economics, and the humanities are the specialized key fields of Irish Universities.

The higher education system in Ireland consists of 3 sectors

  • University Sector
  • Institutes of Technology
  • Private Independent Colleges

The entry requirements for international students are determined by each institution. Generally, they are based on National Examination Performance and English language aptitude IELTS.

The first 5 Universities of Ireland under the QS World Ranking are:

  1. Trinity College Dublin
  2. University College Dublin, Dublin      
  3. The National University of Ireland Galway
  4. University College Cork, Cork
  5. Dublin City University, Dublin

The popular programs offered by these top universities are:

  • Computer Science or Information Technology
  • Data Analytics
  • Management
  • Biotechnology & Pharmacy related courses
  • Accounting & Finance

Reasons to Study in Ireland

  • Higher Education System Ranks in The World’s Top 20
  • The Higher Education Institutions in Ireland Offer 5000+ Programs
  • Irish universities - 1% of research institutions in global research impact
  • 1 Year for Master’s Degree
  • 35,000 International Students from over 160 Countries
  • Ireland Ranks 2 nd in the World for Courses in Nano Technology, Chemistry and Immunology
  • The Only English-Speaking Country in the Eurozone
  • Ireland Ranks 15 th in the World for Happiest Place to Live
  • Students are entitled to 2 Years of Post Study Work Rights within Europe
  • Home to Google, Medtronics and Microsoft
  • Headquarters of Google, Facebook, Twitter, Apple, Intel, Genzyme, and EA Games
  • Chances to get Indefinite Right to Stay


Tuition Fees in Ireland:

The tuition fees in Ireland will vary depending on where you choose to study and where you are from. The cost of education in Ireland ranges between 9,000 Euros to 25,000 Euros per year for the undergraduate courses and 11,000 Euros to 25,000 Euros per annum for the post graduate courses.


Scholarships in Ireland:

There are hundreds of scholarships for International Students in Ireland . A wide variety of sources that offer scholarships are Government of Ireland, the Irish higher education institutions and other organizations. These are solely awarded at the discretion of the individual organizations that set their own eligibility criteria.


Internships and Post Study Work Feasibility:

Students enrolled on courses on the Degree Program are allowed to undertake an internship where this forms part of their program. It may be possible to stay in Ireland for work purpose after you complete your studies under the Irish Third Level Graduate Scheme. This allows non-EU / EEA students who have graduated from Irish Institutions to remain in Ireland for 24 months to seek employment.


Living Expenses in Ireland:

In Ireland the cost of living for an International student depends on what part of the country you live in, what type of accommodation you choose. The transport options for traveling to and from classes, as well as a range of other factors also act as one of the main deciding factors of living expenses. For an International student it ranges from 10,000 to 12,000 euros per annum.


Looking at the prospects of Ireland in the above article, this English-speaking European Country can definitely be your choice for overseas studies. Dig out for more information on Ireland Education System by visiting the nearest Abroad Education Consultants and take the first step towards Ireland.

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