The Top 5 Acne Myths Debunked

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Thousands of men and women suffer from acne.  Although this is a problem that is usually associated with the teenage years, many people experience the condition in their 20’s and even later in life.  If you’ve tried a number of acne solutions to no avail, you may consider taking the advice of ill-informed friends & family members.  Before you do, read on to find out the top 5 acne myths debunked as some of these “get rid of acne” methods can actually do more harm than good.


Acne Myth 1: One Cure Fits All


Some individuals think that acne medications are one size fits all.  As a result, they will try using their friend’s or a relative’s prescription medication as a way to help with the disorder.  This is not true and can be dangerous.  Just as with any medication that comes from a doctor, acne medication can have side effects.  Individuals who choose this course of treatment need to be aware of that and not use anyone else’s medication for their own acne problems.  If medication is best for you, then, you should seek your own diagnosis from a doctor or physician.  This can help to ensure that your prescription is safe and healthy for you and correct for your needs.


Acne Myth 2:Sun as a Cure


One of the top myths involving acne is that the sun can serve as a curative solution for it.  This is not the case and has led to some dangerous prospects.  The fact is that UVA and UVB rays are not great for your skin, in general.  They can cause damage if you go out in the sun unprotected, and this can cause more harm and even risks cancer.  For this reason, for those that believe that it could be a cure, they should think again.  Curing acne via sun on exposed skin may lead you down a path that you cannot easily recover from.


Acne Myth 3: Natural


Some believe that the only cure for acne is the most natural one: to do nothing.  They believe that acne will just work itself through the body’s system and then it will be gone.  This is not the case at all.  There are ways that you can cure acne and breakouts but doing nothing can just make it worse.  For this reason, it is important that individuals suffering from the disorder seek help rather than avoid the problem all together.  It can go away for a time but usually it will come back so remember this if you think the do nothing approach has worked for you and remember that help is always out there.


Acne Myth 4: Avoid Hydration


Many individuals think that because oil can be part of the problem that causes acne flare ups, moisturizing should be avoided.  This is not the case.  Instead, it needs to be remembered that skin needs hydration and moisture in order to function properly.  For this reason, leaving skin dehydrated is not healthy and could actually be the impetus for more breakouts.  Try using a cream that is oil free, but know that something must be used in order to help your skin with moisture as well as be aware of the condition.


Acne Myth 5: There Is No Help


If you have a very serious condition or extreme case of acne, you may feel like there is no hope for you.  You may believe that you will never be able to find the solution that you seek.  This is not the case.  There are several treatments that can be given to those suffering from this condition.  Included in this list are prescription topical medications that are placed on the skin.  These topical treatments can come from a doctor or may be over the counter.  A pill may also be consumed to help the body ward off acne.  These should only be ingested with the guidance of a doctor who can walk you through the process and make sure that you are safe as you consume them.


Finally, there are over the counter treatments as well.  Tria Blue light therapy for acne may be a great choice for you and your acne fighting needs.  This is because the Tria Blue light treatment can be used in the privacy of your own home as needed to combat your acne flare-ups.  It is much like the blue light used by dermatologists to treat acne, and therefore, can have the same results without you having to travel to the doctor’s clinic every time you have a concern.

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