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Just on one day my heart was suddenly going very fast, I didn't know the day but I know it was just happening. It wasn't long just for a few seconds or minuts, but it is to mate of time take longer. The last time was today on school. I was practicing gym and when the les was over I ran to the changing rooms and then it just happend. When it is happening I am extually doing nothing becaus than I can't feel my heart beating anymore and that is making my nervous and scary. But I need to go to the next class fast because I didn't want to be late and we were having a test. When I was sitting on my chair in the classroom my heart was still beating very fast an hard and it just didn't stop. I was extually praying for it, because the beating came more and more to my throat. And after twenty minutes it was finally over and I could be happy concentrate on the test again. But I'm still sitting with it. My mother still has to go call the doctor again, she had to do that 2 months ago, but she don't know how it is, what I am feeling. I never ectually told her that, because I didn't want to make a big deal of that. I do not even want to go to the doctor becuase I need to have an operation but I am just too scared of that, but I want to get rid of it. I can even get problems of it when I'm older. But the docters are thinking that their conclusion is right but I am not thinking that. I think that it is something different! I don't know what of course buy I'm Just a little bit scared.

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