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Are you being treated poorly even though you are perfectly kind and decent? This is how you can handle it.

What are Toxic Relationships?

Toxic relationships are when people pretend you are someone you are not, and either really don’t or pretend not to believe you when you tell them who you are, misinterpret everything you do when you show them who you are, accuse you of and punish you for having wishes you never wished, for having thoughts you never thought, for saying words you never said, for doing deeds you never did, or for not doing things that you did do, for not saying words you did say, for not thinking thoughts you did think, for not wishing things you did wish.

Removing the lies is impossible, because they will not listen to you, and even if they do, they misinterpret everything, and will not be swayed from their opinion.

They are visibly amused if you are upset by their rejection and cruelty, and spread lies about you to get as many people as possible to hate you. This is what Jesus means with “yeast”: Spreading of lies causing hate and pain.

Their goal is to isolate and then destroy you. They will go out of their way to make you look bad, and they are amused when they succeed. It does not matter how you react or don’t react, they will always turn it into something awful.

They force others to choose. Being friends with you means being enemies with them, and means getting the same hostile treatment. Any smile anyone ever gives you is punished, any rudeness anyone ever shows you is rewarded. To them their goodness is determined by how cruel they are to you, because to them you are the embodiment of all that is wrong with the universe.

Is anyone treating you like this?

Congratulations! That means you are a scapegoat! (See )

Only the kindest, most generous and strongest people are selected for this role! And it is proof you are a child of God! It is for you that Jesus came to the world, and in doing so, He became the ultimate scapegoat. First He was crucified for telling the truth, and then His Teaching was deformed into the opposite of what He said, and now He is accused of causing the wrongs of this world, while in reality, His teaching is still the only thing that can save the world. See

It was scapegoating that He came to abolish, but of course, that was misunderstood by most. But you can understand, because you have been there.

What to do with scapegoaters and those who believe them? Pray for them, do for them what you would wish they would do for you. They need your prayers. They are going through hell. Their behaviour proves they are in hell. Happy people don't mistreat others, and those who mistreat others and those influenced by them have no inner peace, and having no inner peace is a horrible state. Greet them kindly, you may be the only one who shows them any kindness, and the only one they can turn to if they ever do want to become sincere.

Scapegoaters and those influenced by them are not suitable friends. They don't want you around, and of course it is better for you to keep your distance. It is kinder to them , and kinder to yourself.

Friends are those you tell all. They are easy to talk to because they are kind and understand you. They are there for you when you are in need, and happy for you when you succeed. 

Scapegoaters are  not ready or willing to be your friend, or they would not treat you cruelly They enjoy harming you, and so they are enemies, and should be treated as such, which means going the extra mile when they force you, and obviously you should try to stay out of situations where they can force you to do anything.

O, and don't be surprised if they turn it around, making it seem as if you are some sort of toxic person they had to remove to be happy, while they were the ones who robbed you blind, sucked you and your family dry, and then dumped you out of fear that you might reveal their dirty little secrets. Or that they call you toxic because their own guilty conscience is reminded of their cruelty when they are confronted with you.

Scapegoating is at the heart of all cruelty. It is usually named for how it surfaces, which can be discrimination, sibling rivalry, or any other name which actually means systematic violation of basic human rights,  and the solution is usually just a shift of the subject of scapegoating, but the phenomenon stays. As long as that is the case, there is no real solution. The solution is ending scapegoating in every way, shape and form, and that is what would have happened if people had understood and done what Jesus said.

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And what to do with other scapegoats?

Connect with them. Don't see being a scapegoat as evidence there is something wrong with them. Understand there is something very right with them, and they are probably the best people you will ever meet!



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