No Words 2

Door AnnaElize gepubliceerd op Monday 29 January 19:28

You can elaborate on Martin Luther King. And you can also elaborate on Gandhi, since people use his peaceful disobedience in the most inappropriate places.

Discrimination is discrimination even if it is not called that. Even if it is invisible, it makes the same wounds.

When people treat you like dirt, take the same precautions they would when they handled dirtt, then it is not outright violence, but you feel it on the deepest level of your soul and it hurts badly.

The truth is scapegoatism is not just there where it is screamed, it is not just between races, it is within families, it is within schools, it is not just between but also within ethnical and racial groups. It rears up its ugly little head whenever people find excuses to be cruel to one another. And yes, even Gandhi’s, Martin Luther King’s, and Nelson Mandela’s words can be used to scapegoat the innocent, because of perceived loathsome behavior, which might have a very clear reason, and which might be solved easily.

But judgmental righteous then turn into bullies themselves. Because they just see a child shouting at a nanny of color. They have not seen the nanny of color laughing sadistically when because of their carelessness the child fell head first on the floor from two meters height and cried in pain. They don’t understand that this is what the child is reacting to, not to the color of the nanny’s skin. And they are not there to see that the child and the nanny later became great friends. They also fail to see the nanny laid a foundation for the child’ future beliefs. They are rigid in their thinking,  and to them the child is a racist for life

And they also only see the child playing doctor with the neighbor, and condemn it for that. They don’t see the child being thrown in the back of a car every day, to go to a school where teachers of color hit the children, and shame them for nothing. They don’t see the torture the child endures every day because it gets bullied by an awful boy, screaming “I’m going to pinch you in the wiener.” When the child does not want to go to school, and the mother has to chase it around the table"to get it dressed and ready to go, all they see is a problem child, not an abused one, who needs safety, not judgment. And they also fail to see that since they told on them, they have never played with the neighbor, or anyone like that again.

They only judge, they don’t think or see.

In their opinion, it was fine for them to call their little sister a monster, and a  bitch, and treat her like a second rate citizen for the rest of her life. Too bad
 Gandhi and Martin Luther King, and later even Mandela didn’t get further than the  issues they were dealing with there and then, when they could have abolished scapegoatism completely.

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