An Answer to Russell´ s teapot analogy

Door AnnaElize gepubliceerd op Friday 20 October 14:35

Why do some  think they're so clever
With their "Russell’s teapot analogy"
You think  you’ve shamed anyone who believes in God
They have to prove  His existence, you don’t have to disprove it?
Then you go and prove sound and sight to a deaf and blind person
Who also lacks every other sensory perception
What if this inability to prove God’s existence is on purpose?
So that people who want to reason Him away,  can?
What if it is a way to separate those who are only impressed with authority
From those with kind, sincere hearts?
What if God isn’t interested in those who are only interested in Him if it can be proven?
What if He only wants those who care for Him so much, even though they can’t see Him
That they develop the senses to?
What if I told you that when they do
They not only see one teapot, but experience rich banquets
Which replenish their souls after people like you put cracks in them
Stumbling over pottery you don’t see
Thinking you harm no one with adultery
With lies
With theft
With disloyalty
With slander?
So you disapprove of me because of the cracks you yourself made?
What if I told you, that He fills them with liquid gold
Making me more whole than before you thought it was OK to bruise me?
And don’t take the credit for the cure because you gave the disease
Just because you have no sense of what you are destroying does not mean it’s not there
Just because wounds heal doesn’t mean they don’t hurt anymore
I forgive you
But I am not impressed with your arguments
I hope one day you will want to see what I see
So you can become kind





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