Heaven , Do you get it?

Door AnnaElize gepubliceerd op Thursday 19 October 22:13

Do you get it?
It seems you don’t find it until you are willing to give up everything to
Which is when you find out you need not give up anything worthwhile to
And that whatever you feel you must
Only benefits you now as well
You don’t have what it takes unless you refuse to  wish, think, say or do anything cruel to get in
Which is when you find out wishing ,thinking, saying or doing anything cruel is never required,  while being kind every chance you get is.
While you think it’s far away and out of reach
When you  really dare completely understand, do  and share freely what you find out about Christ’s Teaching
You find you can experience inner peace right here and now
When you find that reading Christ’s words is the same as reading your heart and inward parts
Where God’s law is written
Which is how you know yourself
Which is necessary to know how to do unto others what you would wish others would do unto you
Which is the law and the prophets , the core of Christ’s Teaching in a nutshell
Any enemies?
Greet them anyway, listen to what they want to tell you, and don’t be surprised
If they have key information you need to be whole
And you might have some for them
And who knows, in the process, you may even become friends.

Do you get it?

Heaven is reflected in the minds and hearts of the sincere

And what is needed to get  there is the very same that is needed

To build paradise on earth!




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