What is treatment for endometrial hyperplasia?

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Endometrial hyperplasia can progress to cancer, but, the majority of endometrial hyperplasia is reversible disease or to maintain a sustained benign state. Endometrial hyperplasia has three types, simple hyperplasia, complex hyperplasia and atypical hyperplasia. This article is about atypical hyperplasia. 
The treatment for atypical hyperplasia of endometrium, diagnosis and confirming the cause is the first step. The treatment depends on age, pregnancy desire and the severity of the condition and physical health. 
1. Surgical treatment. For older women who are in menopause or about 40 years old, the risk of progressing to cancer is higher than the young, and they don't have the desire to get pregnant any longer, hysterectomy can help them get rid of endometrial hyperplasia. Younger women can receive drug treatment first and if the condition become more serious and are suspected to have developed to cancer, they might consider surgical removal of the uterus. 
2. Medication. Women less than 40 years old and have pregnancy desire would better try drug treatment. About 30% of patients may get pregnant after drug treatment. Women with high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity also can consider drug treatment and receive the close follow-up test. The treatment principle is standard medication, long-term inspection and regular examination. 
3. Diet. Females need to pay more attention to food diet. Women with endometrial hyperplasia need more low-fat food, and eat more eggs, green vegetables, fruits and so on. Females also can eat certain meat such as chicken, duck, fish, etc. 
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