Schrijfsel : Stuck In A Moment

Door RebelOfEden gepubliceerd op Saturday 20 May 08:27

“You are not enough.”


How was I supposed to move on from that? Move on from hearing you tell me those words?

Was I supposed to just turn my back on you and walk away? Did you want me to cry?

Not once did you apologise for hurting me like that. Did you even care?


I can still picture you standing there. The sunset turning the sky red behind you.

As the words left your mouth, I felt my future being ripped away from me.

All our plans, all our dreams, crushed within a moment. Just like that.


One moment, and I had changed. I knew I would never be the same again.

Ten years on, and I am still there. Stuck in the memory of us, on that summer’s day.

As the tears roll down my face, and I long to be myself again, I can still hear you say those words.


“You are not enough.”

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