Baywatch series

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Starring in alfabetical order

David Hasselhoff                     Mitch Buchanon

Parker Stivenson                     Craig Palmorey

Monte Markham                      Captain 

Billy Warlock                           Edie Cramer

Erika Eleniak                           Shaunei

Jill Weatherlly                         Jill

John Allen Nelson                    John Cort

Brandon Call                          Hobbie Buchanon


They save people drawning in the sea and the way the girls move incredibly.

And their friendship, between lifeguards, and the way that they save people , thats why i chose this titel very nice to watch.

In other seasons also play other actors like jeremy jackson, Jasmin Bleeth, Jeena lee Nolan, and many others, but my favoriet actor is John Alen Nelson who plays John Court.

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