Hi, here I am!

Door WritingAboutMyLife gepubliceerd op Tuesday 07 March 00:42
Finally, I am very excited to write my first blog here! This was in my mind for a long time, but circumstances kept me from writing. I always loved to write about many things, funny stuff or just to clear my mind and get it of my chest.. But last years gave me some serious topics to write about also. I feel the need to get awareness about these things to help others and to hopefully avoid others to get in the same situations. If I help only one person in the future, I will be happy! 2016 was one of my toughest years, now let's make 2017 count as a good one. I will write about my kids, dealing with a narcistic psychopath, stalking, loosing everything and finding back the strenght and power to move on. In my case I chose to leave Holland for the sunny life in Spain.. 300 days with sun helps a lot dealing with trauma's, I can tell you that.. Now I finally made a solid plan to start writing a first book, and I am so excited to blog about it. If you like to know more, press follow! Love, A.

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