How To Treat Chronic Prostatitis?

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Chronic prostatitis is a very common male reproductive system infection. The causes of this disease hasn’t been clearly confirmed which increases the difficult in curing this stubborn disease. It usually happens to men aged 35 to 50. This disease can bring much pain and discomfort to patients. Therefore, a timely and efficient cure is very important. Then, how to treat chronic prostatitis?


Symptoms of chronic prostatitis


Patients with this disease have to suffer from a series of symptoms, such as painful bowel movement and ejaculation, blood in the urine or semen, pain in the low back, above the pubic bone, between the genitals and anus, the tip of the penis, and the urethra. They also have to live with annoying urinary disorders like pain or burning with urination, difficulty or straining to urinate, frequent or urgent urination, need to urinate a lot at night. 


Treatment for patients with chronic prostatitis


Some patients pay no attention to this disease and ignore the importance of timely treatment which resulting in the heavier damage to the body. Once the condition aggravated, the radical cure will be more difficult. Therefore, it’s crucial to have a timely treatment if diagnosed with the disease. Moreover, the reasonability of the treatment decides the curative effect on patients. 


Clinically, medication treatment and physiotherapy are the chief methods for curing chronic prostatitis. Physiotherapy have good effect on relieving the symptoms, but the it can’t cure the disease for its root. Thus, medication treatment like traditional Chinese medicine called Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is needed. As many patients have realized the side effects of western medicine, this natural medicine may be a great choice for curing chronic prostatitis for it has no damage to the body. Therefore, it plays an important role in treating the disease since it’s safer and more reliable.


Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill has good curative effect on curing prostatitis. It only only has properties of killing bacteria like antibiotics do, but also has the functions of clearing away the heat and toxins, removing the blood stasis, promoting the circulation of blood and Qi. All of these efficacies can help cure its symptoms as well as its causes. Thus, the infection can be cured without relapse.


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