What is the useful ways to cure epididymitis?

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Mountain pathogen infection is the main cause of acute epididymitis and chlamydia trachomatis Neisseria gonorrhoeae could also cause epididymitis;

Here are some symptoms of the acute epididymitis.

1. The patient usually with high fever and the body temperature can reach 40 degree  .

2. Vomit heavily and frequently.

After having intrododuced some symptoms of the acute epididymitis.Then ,we will tell you the suitable way to solve it and there is some useful ways.

1. Improve the diet structure, and prevent the over intake of high cholesterol foods.

2. Avoid eating spicy product and drinking the extremely cold water.

3. To regular life and Keep a good sleeping habit.

4. keep a good mood and don't overwork usually, the one should participate in a plenty of sports activities appropriately such as Tai chi and  takwonda and other enhanced activity, on the one hand ,it is beneficial to prevent a cold,;on the other hand,it is good to keep fit.

5. Keep a good urinaion habit by forming a regulated urine frequency.

Advantages:When one is diagnosed with acute epididymitis, people will get the antibiotics for treatmen because these medicines often work efficiently. However, Some special herbs may add milden toxicity to the formula when it is necessary. but what we all know is that the illness itself is not serious,the most serious thing is that we are not finding the suitable way to solve it and the traditional Chinese medicine such as the Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill does not rely on some medicine in treating acute epididymitis and some special ingredients made by herbs or insects in the nature are added into the medicine, so they're almost as safe as foods. Besides, the Anti-inflammatory Pill belongs to the prescribed herbal formula and the prescribed herbal formula seldom causes any side effect. No matter how long the infection exists, the herbal medicines can cure it completely, In the meantime, The Anti-inflammatory Pill Is also applied into cure the prostatitis, sperm problem caused by infection, chlamydia infection, mycoplasma infection. 


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