Why to protect your wealth and how to invest in gold, part 1.

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We're in a huge bubble!


And it's gonna burst! But not before the next President is elected, that I assure you.

It's all a matter of timing and a government, together with a federal bank are in fact very much able to kick the can. Okay, so you know that the economy is struggling, the interest rates are historically low, the Fed can't raise interest rates or the economy will come crashing down. The banksters have created more debt due to their exposure in derivatives. And yet the Dow Jones is doing just fine? Manipulation my friends!

When you finally wake up and you realise that the Dow Jones is too high, and on the other side of the exquation, the goldprice is too low, what are you going to do?

Well, you buy some hard assets, like gold, silver or for the more wealthy: some real estate. But real estate could also come crashing down!

I'm not going to go into the real estate market because as a European citizen I haven't got a clue about the American housing market valuations right now.

I am going to talk about gold!

So, if you've heard about a possible new gold standard, supported by China and Russia and you have a small amount of money you can use to protect a part of your wealth... and you take a look at this chart:


Well, it clearly shows that the smart money has already found it's way back into the goldmarket. We hit a bottom at the end of 2015 and as you can clearly see for yourselves, we're going up again.

I believe that we're at the beginning of a new gold bull market, with very strong fundamentals:

1. China is buying all the gold it can get its hands on;

2. Russia is doing the same thing;

3. China owns most of the African gold mines and has a huge amount of goldmines on it's own territory;

4. Russia also, has lots of goldmines;

5. Russian and Chinese citizens buy gold and the richest of them store their physical gold in vaults (Switserland for example);

6. All international "currencies" are battling their huge deficits, the world is in debt;

7. Western banksters can't be trusted anymore, they are corrupt and China knows it;

8. So does Russia and the rest of the world;

9. Banksters are making more and more money by drowning their clients' money in a derivatives bubble, when it bursts you can say "bye bye to your money";

10. America and Europe have been printing money, with every printing session, the debt seiling rises and the currency looses value;

11. Japan did the same thing, and they've been stuck in misery for 30 years;

11. Currencies like the USD and the EURO, and even the POUND and YEN, aren't backed by gold, which would in fact give them some value;

12. Since recently, China is a player in the "SDR-basket" (IMF) and it will probably move towards a new gold standard;

13. How much gold does the US really have stored in its vaults? America claims to have about 8000 Tons of physical gold bars;

14. Not everbody believes that;

15. The value of paper currencies eventually evolves to 0, there have been thousands of paper currencies, but there is only one hard asset like gold, a precious metal that historically has held its value. You can't print more gold;

16. We are getting to the point that the East will no longer trade in USD, but create their own international currency, the SDR is just a first step;

17. Already, many countries are testing the Petro-Dollar System;

18. If they can trade oil in other currencies than the USD, the USD will loose more and more value, simply because all those countries no longer need the USD;


Disclaimer: the information in this article is not intended as a professional investment advice or as a recommendation to make certain investments, but is a rapport for private research. I will not accept any liability for possible loss or damage which can be caused by the content of this article.

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