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The last time I played tennis with my Dad, was  July 22 2003.

As we drove to the tennis courts,  Django Reinhardt was on the casette player in the car. He gave me the CD. He gave me everything always, just as he did to all his children. just as he gave everything to all he knew. 

A  few days later, he and my mother left for the US, where they had lived since 1990.

These are the people who are pure goodness, who are chased to all corners of the earth, and bloom and thrive wherever they are chased to. Who are blamed for everything, while they never think of themselves and do nothing but good.

We are generations and generations of them.  Not accepted anywhere, learning to smile through the pain, and feeling a deep connection to all . A connection reciprocated by whoever is in trouble and can use our help, only to be forgotten as soon as they are doing well again.

Our blood is red, not blue, We are totally himan.

Exactly twelve years ago his spirit moved to the angel realm and still feels ever so close.The last time I spoke to him on the phone was September 13th 2004, a week before he died. He was even giving advice to the driver of the ambulance who brought him home  to die. That was his last wish, to die at home. I understood, and was able to tell the others that was what he wanted. I was in the Netherllands, he was in the U.S.  It was impossble for me to go to his funeral, since I was in the last month of my pregnancy.

The whole last year he had blamed his pain on Bornholms disease, but it was the cancer. The cancer he had never needed to have ,had I known then what I know now about diet and care.

I promised him we would always remember him, always take him with us,  and that was what he asked me to do, to remember him and his family, to be the keeper of the history of the family. I take that very seriously.

Bless you Pap, bless you forever, and thank you for all you were and are, and all you did and do. What a shining example you are to all of us. We love you forever.



Pap, July 22 , 2003

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