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Life is about you: To evolve we need to be good people

Door Chippies gepubliceerd op Monday 08 August 15:25

images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRPPDguy595NkewTSkePfaTo evolve we need to be good people... 

Best fitting survives

Worst fitting dies

Who is good to other people is liked and loved...

Who is a misfit, not because of truth, but because of a near death caused by his behaviour will die, and take bad genes with him to die out. Even if the behaviour caused huge harm, it is a temporary damage among human, there are many more sweet carrying humans... 

Good enough to carry a baby under their skin...

In fact, therefor, cause of this carrying, the longest living species. 

Human take time to teach eachother, to share, to express to another, so we all can learn, and are nurtured, besides the nurturing all animals do for all their children and species. Our behaviour, and features, to behave like these expressing, speaking and arty beings, that can handle the most of us, and most of our own species compared to other species, causes the longest live, and is our secret to survival. 

The sweetness survives. 

We don not only know that from our sweet milk, also when we feel a sweet expression, and when we are sweet as in good for others. 


images?q=tbn:ANd9GcT2ybKkveT0kI4fBIoG5ieLife is about you,

and your connections, and what really caused life.  You need loving arms for a baby, a child and depending to create living lives. They need you to do all, and if you don't they die, or at least will not develop. They need your good input, your most wise input to live and to be a wise too. They also need it to copy and to cognitively see more of the same, so they can relfect, and create and use intuition on what to do more and next, the moment they are grown enough to be partly or totally independant. If you can know and understand that.  Else you ruin all depending on you, and therefor you ruin a piece of life. If all ruin these beginnings of human, and furtur nurturing of human, all will die. 


Therefor your life it is about you, and your DNA

( now we know that DNA is the name for what causes the change of your expressions), although you could think it is about others at first, as you are learning to be yourself. They need to nurture you.  You will need to nurture all depending too, which you will, that time will come, in return, at least when your parents are depending again, when they are elderly. But you must function to be able to help others, and to be able to help life and to be able to meet the standards for evolution to help others this much that we all will keep reaching those standards to survive together as a specie. So did they, they had to function at first, before they could help you survive too. Surviving is a trick we learn, and can share with others. 

Your DNA is YOU, your DNA expressions are you, but actually are you the DNA, and could some parts of you stay hidden, not express at all, or express to much,  more because of the environment tempting you and causing you to do so. So there is more of us hidden in ourselves.

At a point we mostly do live by ourselves, and are functioning ourselves. We are born totally depending, but most of us, at a time will be able to be independent. 


images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTpQaH-0dB6GFzS5LoTKdVWe are taught many things by the "under the skin life",

and the time between that and our independent life as a mature person. Some reach that independant time sooner then others, depending on many things which cause independance. There are differences that cause different times of independance. Parents being less smart then you, or gotten ill, or great surviving parents able to nurture a bit longer, or a independent mind in one of the two, the parents or the child, and wanting to leave the situation a bit sooner, etc. There are many causes for independence, but it should happen, when it is comfortable, and not causing DSM to the child, so when the child is ready, and when the child is not only ready in mind, but also ready with his soul and body, and is capable. Is taught all it needs to know, and can express all it needs to express, and is able to handle all that will come towards his or her own expressions, so he or she will remain a long time in life, longest as possible. 

images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRb2kvnx0yGcAuWoswcYzeSo to live longest possible with our DNA, we have to be good, also to evolve.

The evolving side of life, causes only best will survive, and therefor we need to be best. We need to be good. Best fitting

We can heal, and can change our DNA, we are partially stuck to our DNA. All Homo Sapiens are alike, and same kind. Same enough, to do the evolution with. And we have unique timeset, and movement, because of the setting at conception, and the what is asked of you by God. (Or your own setting if you prefer that idea instead of the name God, there is a plan, a time set, and a certain way you'll live, alike the Homo sapiens style all human share, there is a style you have and is set and will express). 

We can go of our path, or stay on our path.

We can be better, or worse then what we should be. There is a plan, are you sticking to it? Do you feel a good plan? Or are you thinking bad plans you can think of on your own inside are Gods plans? 

  • In the universe planets obsorb eachother.
  • We humans eat meat, and we eat plants, we eat our environment.

But there is a soul, and timeset plan with DNA, time and the universe and God, because all is attached to eachother. So we seem to live bad evil plans eating eachothr, and all obsorbs eachother, to stay alive together, but it is meant as a together we survive, a fitting plan it is, all for a bigger plan. 

note. We rather learn about what is good and what not, and learn to decide, then that we start to believe all is then a bad plan. There is more then only sounding bad by obsorbing eachother. The universe had millions of dark years with nothing, and had very extreme rapid changes creating empty planets, and has slower times, where live on earth could happen, with extremely varied kinds of animals and nature surviving. There is more then a narrow idea of we eat eachother so we are bad. After every change into the universe, there is another change, and after all happened to us, we are a part of another idea. So we evolve. We rather do that best, then destroying all at once, cause we are sick of the thinking about what the plans could be. As if we are allowed to give up life simply cause we can and want to do so, or cause it is to difficult for us at first. Humans grow and learn during life, we dont give up when we learn to walk and eat, why would we give up when thinking becomes more complex, and we discover we'll learn more and more over time. It is hard, but a part of all the changes we go through. 


images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSm8YKZlndYk1N57tQuaFTEvolution lets best fitted live.

Fitted to the highest strongest plan, not the narrow plan we can think on our own sometimes (note. So humans have to become bigger and smarter in mind to know that plan, or see a glimpse of such plan, we even need to evolve for that, alike now we have DNA tests so we can understand the past in a different way of the 200.000 years of Homo Sapiens before this day, and can today even smarter determine some other things about the past. And not only with DNA tests, humans have evolved many ideas, to smarter ideas, and more complex ideas, and with all we now can understand we understand even more of our universe, so to study more and more is even wiser, then to now stop and just determine from here life is evil to us and therefor should be stopped totally, that is sooner a destructive depressed person, then a healthy human understanding the need of learning and evolving).


images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSNMSFmIVu5WCUEOCdLqvHThe trick of surviving is to stay connected to that best.

DNA is a certain way, but that will not always express.

We are expressing humans, Homo Sapiens are expressors. It is even the main thing that differs us from other human kinds. We can speak, we can express through art and can understand more of the same kind we are sharing life with, with empathy and reflecting intuition. 

We grow in life, and rather grow wisely and smartly, most sophisticated to survive and to become eldest, then to just do what we want impulsively and negatively. 

Our DNA will have expressions, but our environment cause what we will express from the total possibility of what we could express. Living life is an interaction, with what we got. 

Stay connected to best, so your DNA can interact best!

Note and suggestion. Negative sides could be meant for bigger things, like anger could be "power to divide an ocean if needed", so to speak. So we could rather control negative energy and use it in even a bigger power and only if needed. If one could hear the Gods, that one could use power for a God, or the God, or all Gods. So we rather seek for the best, then to just explode and loose all power by an early death.

Which anger does cause, without using it for best, it causes a danger in a life. For example, not smart people can start killing at a young age if not taught to control and use power in a different way. 

images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRNIWKY_CyooO7yizfbp4MSo we must learn what all is for, and use all for best, and only wisely. 

Most people with ODD loose ODD over time. In fact most people doing criminal things, differ from 45 years of age, while till then doing smaller damaging things to other humans, but that stops from around 45 years of age, if the cause is ODD, and will continue beyond that age if it is most likely a psychopaty, as there never comes a reflecting moment stopping the criminal behaviours, which psychopaths lack most, compared to ODD. The person will never be empathic enough, and with the growing mind, that finishes basically from 23, he or she creates from here more and more sideways and other paths in the mind then a simple basical path.  From here the plans can be even more destroying, with even more plans about the same basical idea.  The older mind is the most destroying, if still living with a fit enough body to cause the harm planned, and if still planning on harm. 

Compare to a newborn baby, and a bit older baby. The first cant think so much as the older one. It can use reflexes unconsciously, while an older baby start to remember mommy and daddy enough to say the trained word for his parents. 

A growing mind continues learning more and more things in life and about life. Also about own plans. 

A basical mind can be harmfull enough, or even be more impulsive like children can plan impulsively or stubbornly things, to continue with a huge damage they can cause. Or a defined planned of a person able to crontrol younger people, now he or she ois grown, and has still the old plans from when he or she was little, but now also has developed sidepaths, and other routes to the same goals.


The growing human rather learns to be good, and differ from bad, then to just grow out psychopatly to become worse and worse to others. 

People with evil plans, can die young caused by their own plans. Good people seeking for only good  can be a victim, but not by their own deeds, if they are smart enough, else they do experience a sooner death too, but cause of being not smart enough to live normally and independing, but not caused by crime. They do then die in any way sooner too, cause they'll always lack the help to help themselves with normal things. Or can be victim of psychopaths, frauds, machiavellists etc, used to their plans, which they can think of and a less smart not. Especially when it is an ODD or ADHD typed a person, it is easy to use for such plans. Also others with disabilities can be more easy their victim. 

The cause of things is always important and determing what was up in someones life.

Was it you? Was it some other? Was it a smart mind? Or a less smart mind, not able to know all? Etc. And what happened caused by the causes. 

So to be you is important, and determining all, all that happend to you! Be your best you! 


Read more?

http://www.signsofthetimeshistory.com/genetics.html(This explains DNA is combined with astrology. That I found out myself too, it is logical. We are set, and life then happends for you, from that point set for you. You'll live out that plan. DNA is a plan either. All is connected in life, and therefor also DNA, which holds element that keep attracting eachother. Elements attract and create molecules, by the DNA plan. It is a question of that bigger above DNA and astrology, which means how the universe is set, is planned. That would explain God. Even now we can see the creator of all planets in the universe, with telescopes, what is behind that total plan? DNA is a part of the universe, and the universe is set/has rules. Humans learn about these rules, but the rules are still there. Even if we caused a planet our of the line it takes his rounds, we then have just another set of rules. Then still things are caused, and a new plan continues after the "damage").  













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