The Neon Demon (2016) - review

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Jessie is a small-town girl who has moved to Los Angeles to pursue her dream of becoming a successful model. Because of her effortless beauty, she faces a lot of envy from models who have been struggling to make it in the business.

Sounds rather bland, right? That’s what I thought before I watched Chris Stuckmann’s review. He emphasises the stunning cinematography and the shocking elements and that’s when I decided that I wanted to see it. How could this story be that shocking?

Tension, gore and sex. From the first frame on, this film makes you feel extremely uncomfortable. You have people staring, the discrepancy between Elle Fanning’s innocence and the rudeness of the people she meets, and the very stylised visuals. This film is a commentary on the obsession with beauty, but it does make sure that every shot looks like something out of a fashion film. It really is a gift for the eyes. This is an art film that does not necessarily spell everything out for its viewers. Plenty of shots feel rather surreal. Is it also a gift for the mind? Not initially.

At first glance, “The Neon Demon” has a very basic plot. It wasn’t until I watched this review that I started to consider what it all might symbolise. If you spell out the plot like at the beginning of this very review, it may remind you of perhaps the most famous fairy tale. With Fanning’s last major role being Aurora in Disney’s “Maleficent”, it was not hard to imagine her in a fantastic setting.

“The Neon Demon” is definitely not a film for everyone. There are some truly stomach-twisting scenes, the film slows down quite severely a few times and it may bore you if you do not allow yourself to be immersed in the boldly-coloured, scary and tense world of fashion. I do recommend it if you want to see intimidating performances, hear a soundtrack that fits the nature of this film like a glove and experience a thrilling ride.

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