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Thirteen whole years after the release of “Finding Nemo”, we can finally degust the sequel “Finding Dory”, which focuses more on the original’s lovable forgetful tang fish. Ellen DeGeneres obviously returns as Dory.

We meet Dory when her parents teach her to stay away from the current with a nursing rhyme. As you may suspect by now, Dory gets pulled into the current and is yanked away from her parents. Not knowing where she is or where her parents are, she starts asking other fish if they’ve seen her parents. Time goes by and suddenly she notices a clownfish chasing a boat.

One year after Dory met Marlin when he was looking for his son Nemo, she suddenly remembers what her parents told her about staying away from currents. She recalls some vague information and is determined to finally find her parents. Marlin and Nemo accompany her at first, but after Dory’s instinctive behaviour puts Nemo in a dangerous predicament and Marlin says that Dory is to blame, she is separated from the two clownfish. Nemo convinces his dad that they really have to find Dory.  

This is how sequels should be made: there is a clear connection to the original, the animation is just as breathtaking and the story does not feel rushed. That being said, it wouldn’t have been as good without Ellen. The dialogue is hilarious, but her delivery really enhances it. In the funny scenes, she really sounded like she does on her talk show (but with fewer jokes about alcohol). I must say, I did not know she could deliver drama so well! There is an actually gut-wrenching sequence involving her toward the end.  

Dory and Marlin and Nemo meet some interesting characters on their own quests: Hank the melancholy octopus, Destiny the near-sighted whale shark that goes way back with Dory, Bailey the beluga whale, and Fluke and Rudder the sea lions. I’m relieved that there aren’t any more relevant side characters than those, because that could’ve created a confusing mess.

Another asset is the physical comedy. I don't want to reveal in what ways, but there are some characters that are just funny to look at and there is some very funny fish slapstick.

I recommend “Finding Dory” to everyone. The animation is stunning, the jokes are funny, but most importantly, the story is good! There is a fair balance between comedy and drama (and boy is there drama!), and the film does not outstay its welcome. This film has humour for everyone and it will move everyone who has a soul. 

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