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Life stories: I am like water (my assignment for a writing class)

Door Chippies gepubliceerd op Monday 21 March 10:50

I am like water. 

I am calm beside the water. It is beautifully waving. Like a wavy hair day I make on Christmas days or when I feel something to celebrate. Then I take my wavy maker out of the closet and take some hours to do my hair. My children play around me and me to their hair too. They do not like me to do their total hair, like mine. They want just one or two locks done. 

Those moments we take pictures of us to catch a moment of our fun lives. We share so much together. To us, these pictures are important to keep untill forever so we can see them again and again. I can see us grow each picture and I can see on them my children grow out so lovely. 

The water reminds me of all good days we have lived already. The glints on top of the water when the sun shines brightly remind me of all best of the days. And the curls of the waves remind me of some episodes. One is more curly the other wave more flat. The higher waves bring me to days that had more impact and the almost waveless days bring me to the silence within me I always carry wherever I am. 

I try to keep this water flowing through my life besides my internal silence. I try to have this water calmly flowing inside of me. So when the days are tougher I can let the water break the heavy feelings and when the days are to slowed down I can let the moments flow again, all like water. 

I love to be a remembering soul. A traveller through life with my children and our feelings and minds. I love to capture each moment and take us to the end of our lives. I wish we are then too, but then old and grey. The oldest we can get. And that all days met us so lovely. 

I like all days beside the water and throughout our lives to be better and better. I work hard for that. I see the children pick up that same mentallity and attemp their best in life as well. 

I realize it all happened once near the water where two found eachother and made me. Both coming out of two that had made them, to find eachother making someone one day too.

Even through their divorce, I found myself with my daddy near his favourite sea, and myself on other days with my mommy near her favourite rivers. 

It just is now also all within me. 



Now this part has become a part of my bigger story: life stories that I'll keep you updated about. 


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