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Letter from Krios to Northwind

Door Northwind gepubliceerd op Friday 02 October 15:34

Dear Northwind,


Thank you for writing letter to me. I have been reading with interest. You asked me to write back to you - tell me about myself. I am not sure what can be so interesting about me, but here it goes -


I was born in little village near Megustia. This is in swamp area, as you probably know. My parents aimed in every way to make childhood of myself and my siblings as pleasant as possible. We were poor, but I remember father taking us fishing in the Volge delta. He taught us to swim of course. All swamp children can swim before they can walk or talk.


My mother is cheerful woman, always optimistic. She taught us to find food and survive in wetlands. She is always singing. Also, she attracts animals. Wounded animals would come to her. I remember when I was child, we had pet raven, couple of dogs, countless cats, and rat that would hide always in her apron. She would heal them with little magick, and then they would stay with her until death.


My father and mother still live there, in little village. My brothers take care of them now. But even in old ages, my father is still adventurer. And ailing and stray animals still find their way to my matushka.


When I was about 7 year old, they sent me to underground city Rathma to become priest. My matushka observed in me powers when I was very young. Once one of our half-wild cats had caught little mouse. Mother was not at home, and I found mouse. I had to do something - it was already close to death. I was not aware what happened, but I placed mouse in my hands, and it came to. Then, mother came home and she realised what I had done.


Many people confused. They think Rathma was teacher and high priest. He was, but city is also called after him. Hence, priests of Rathma, both of person and place. I remember well first few weeks in Rathma. I was sick constantly with missing my family. I entered in service of Wassili don Samsara. He was not kind man. He demanded complete obedience and perfection, but I was only small boy missing family. However, gradually I got used to Wassili. He turned out to be great teacher. His knowledge was vast, and although he had no patience for emotional side of life, he was oddly generous with sharing his knowledge. When I was aged 15, I left service and became full-time student.


I know 'necromancer', as many people call priests of Rathma, are distrusted by many. But I find this to be in sharp contrast with reality of life. What we learn is not alien or unnatural - on contraries – it is very core of nature. There cannot be life without death. Death needs life, life needs death, like shadow needs light and light makes shadows by its very nature.


Priests of Rathma study this phenomenon extensively. This, of course, gives them power. People don't understand this power, because they don't understand nature of life and death. They live unaware, unconsciously. And that is why they are mistrustful of priests of Rathma. Most people are focussed on what they can get out of life, instead of what life is. Or if they are religious, they want someone authority figure to tell them what is right and wrong. They mistake this for religion. But in fact, it is not so.


Priests of Rathma have learnt that not to have, is to have. That to give is to receive. That to die is to live. You may find it odd that I spill these secrets, but you know Northwind, it is perfectly safe to say all this. Because most people are blind with eyes open. I can tell them secrets, but to them is like listening to foreign language. And so, the thing that is not secret, remains secret still.


People forget that our name is -priests- of Rathma, meaning we are men of cloth. Our first duty is not to fight, but to worship. But we -can- fight, and we can chose to fight if we think it is for good purpose. Now for me it is time to fight, not worship. And so I have joined Cnan.


I appreciate greatly her skill in fighting. She is phenomenal. She is born fighter, brimming with talent. She has natural feel for tactics and strategy that I do not possess. I admire her for that. Probably she thinks that I don't notice. Probably she thinks I am impenetrable or shy, or closed. It is just mostly because I need to focus intensely on magick, and on strategies. I also appreciate her senses of humour. I see, even though she thinks I do not see.


Seeing future is not an art that priests of Rathma practice, so I cannot tell what will happen next. But I am curious to find out. On our journey, everything is possible.


May the Powers of Life and Death treat you kindly



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Heb mijn Engels ook weer op kunnen halen, mooie afsluiting van de brief
Mooi, maar ik heb er wel express fouten in gezet. En geprobeerd een Russisch-achtig accent te creëren. Maar dat was vast wel duidelijk :-)