The hidden years in Canada 174, settling the accounts

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Settling accounts

Bill stared at the man now with the newspaper under his arm, walking up to him. ‘Yes,’ the man said, ‘Give me 10 minutes of your time and I’ll change your life today.’ I took a good look at the man. He dribbled more than he walked, he was cleanly shaven and everything was so intensely wrong with him. You got an antipathy to the man without knowing him. I recognized the feeling, it was the fast-paced world, that had  penetrated here and had no rights to do so because we were all real people. The rapid businessman or the winner of souls, who earns his money, without working, over the backs of those who sweat their lives away. Later in my life I would get the same sense come over me when election promises were made by politicians. ‘If this is about religion, then we are gone,’ said Bill and stopped.

‘Come, sit down a minute,’ the man continued, ‘I assure you, religion is far from me.’ I believed him right away, he was too smooth to ever come across as a credible person. ‘Landlord,’ he cried with a high pitched voice as he led us to a table and invited us with a sweeping gesture to take place. ‘May I offer you a coffee? When he got no response, he called again, 'Landlord '. Beardy came shuffling to our table. ‘Is this man causing you trouble,' he said to us?’ I had a chuckle, the modern world mannerisms did not work here. ‘Not yet,’ Bill thought, ‘but that may still happen of course 'The barman smiled, then we’ll solve when that happens. ‘Just some coffee then,’ Beardy asked more of us than of the little man that had called him. We nodded and now we observed with interest our host.

‘I'm James,’ the man smiled kindly with an accommodating plastic smile. ‘James Trueman’. That name really does not suit him, it flashed through me. He held out two cards which he laid in front of  us, I am people broker. Something like that was also on his ticket, People's broker. ‘Slavery was abolished a long time ago, said Bill and thanked with a nod of his head Beardy for the coffee that was being put down. ‘..and it was a good thing, it was’ said James, who desperately tried to get connection. ‘I do not trade in slaves, but sometimes it's a good comparison, there is always someone who pays and someone works. The slaves were not paid but worked hard. I'll pay and the job is not so bad, if you are just not afraid at all.  It was a kind of salesman, I thought, he was reeling us in slowly


‘The thaw started early,’ continued James' and work for some of my clients has not been not finished. I'm looking for some men that stand firmly that are not afraid to ride loads for only three more weeks. ‘Jahh,’ cried Bill in disbelief, ‘that was not spoken in earnest, I hope? ‘ The man put on a serious face, ‘yes,’ he replied, ‘ I am deadly serious. ‘These are well-chosen words,’ I said, ‘especially the word death’ James sipped coffee very carefully and pedantic. ‘You should not frighten easily,’ he repeated again, I pay two and half times what you earn now.‘ Bill slammed his fist on the table, ‘not for three times of what I earn.’ My life is worth more than being dead or disabled, so that people like you can live in luxury. '


‘Three times more than what you earn now is acceptable,’ the man said, ‘we pay afterwards, do we agree,’ and he held out his hand. Automatically my boss’ hand rose, I hit it away. ‘Think,’ I screeched, we have earned enough, we're done here in these parts, we do not need this.‘ Bill came to himself as if he came from a trance. ‘No,’ he said, ‘no deal.’ ‘Do you listen to your servant,’ James said now. ‘Do you let him talk for you?’ I had underestimated James, he was hard and dangerous, he played men. ‘Sometimes,’ said my boss, ‘as now. You know Mr. James whatever or whoever, it's easy, within the next very short while, the water splashes on to your boards, and the roads will be a network of mud and ice, and you are lucky if you just reach the other side. Of course, you pay later, because if folk don’t arrive, you pay nothing. You're just the conduit of large companies legally speaking, these contracts do not provide proposals, they are suicidal.

The materials are insured, not if they sink in the mud, but during the transport they are. We are the only ones at risk, but hey that's only us and if we would have made it we would have received three times our wages, right? You have no conscience. ‘My boss spoke from the heart, that was clear. ‘Why do not you come along with us sometime,’ I asked the man who had called himself James? ‘ I have other commitments,’ James smiled politely. Right then an airhorn sounded outside, twice and a moment later Dangerous Sam McCee stepped inside.

‘That James, is the man you want,’ I said, the most experienced driver in the area and he survives everything. ‘ James followed my gaze. ‘Sam,’ I shouted, ‘dangerous Sam, come here man. ‘ ‘Hey,’ laughed Sam, ‘Bill rikke tic tic, the Arctic .. .. jahoo ride em cowboy ..with my brother ..big mother.’ James looked on aghast but recovered with a welcoming smile. Will you sit down here mister Dangerous, fine, then I’ll order some coffee for you. ‘Landlord,’ shouted the man out loud again.


'Oh,' said Sam, he's under the ice, huh? ‘ ‘Who Sam,’ I asked, knowing the answer. ‘Earney, he waves at me, like when I drive over him, always... when I'm going and when I am returning, well then I wave back, of course. ‘That man is as mad as a hatter I thought. 'So,' I said, 'that's nice of you, this gentleman, ‘and I pointed to James is well known to us and he wants to tell you something interesting, listen closely and take some good advice, just do what he suggests .. it seems wise. ‘Broomm, brrooom’ Sam replied and gave a thumbs up. ‘Come on,’ said my boss, ‘we still have quite a bit of driving back to do.

When we were outside, I said, 'Sam had that coming with compliments of the eternal men. ‘Bill laughed to himself,’ yep,‘ ’ Sam will soon be done waving.

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