The hidden years in Canada 172, death calling

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Death calling

It was dimly lit in the pub and at the end of the long bar something was positioned a little bit away from it. There was a candle burning next to it. 'What the f. . ' Bill said, then held his mouth and made the sign of the cross. Beardy came over, ‘so big mother, hi Arctic,’ he greeted us. ‘Have you come to say goodbye, or do you want some coffee first?’ I looked aghast around me, I still could not comprehend fully, there was a coffin with the lid closed on a trestle, aside of the bar. ‘Who is that,’ asked my boss who first regained his balance? ‘An old friend,’ murmured Beardy, ‘a friend of yours and Eskimo Earney. Perhaps you knew him as well, he turned to me now. Handy Andy is at rest over there. ‘

‘Rest in peace,’ I whispered in front of me. ‘ He is being picked up today by his sister from the big city ‘continued the bearded man,’ that is why he is here, this place can still be found by people from outside. ‘The happy moose had become a funeral chapel. A lot less cheerful,  flashed through me. Bill sipped his coffee and asked, ‘I hope there is apple pie today?’ Beardy cut two big pieces off. ‘How did it happen,’ asked my boss? ‘He drove in line ahead of two other trucks and was pushed by a passing truck off the road, 'the landlord' replied and died instantly, broken neck, right? He was pushed into a mountainside. '

There was a moment's silence and then I asked, 'and the other driver, the one that hit him? ‘Beardy shrugged. ‘He paused a second and then drove on, he called out of the window that he had honked his horn. ‘What,’ I said in disbelief, ‘he went on?’ 'Time is money',  Bill said to himself. I could not believe my ears. ‘It is a crime ', ‘I would think, doing a runner?’ The men looked at me with pity, ‘elsewhere it might be, but not here, you don’t understand a lot,’ growled my boss. ‘These are all private roads and lakes and they are not part of a road net. Who should oversee laws governing public roads? Which policeman or judge has jurisdiction here?’ ‘In the bush, you are fair game!’ I pushed my fork into my apple pie, and let this information sink in for a moment.


‘Is it known who caused the accident,’ I finally asked to break the silence. ‘Yes,’ replied  Beardy, ‘ we all know that.’ ‘..and nothing is being done about it,’ I mumbled, surely it was not on purpose? ‘ ‘No,’ agreed both men simultaneously, and Bill confirmed that again with, ‘absolutely nothing.’ ‘Who was responsible then, for causing the accident,’ I asked. ‘Oh, I think you do know him, sneered the barman .. dangerous Sam McCee.' ‘He was in a hurry.’ The coins were falling into place, ‘right ‘I said and took a sip of coffee.

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