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I knew now that it had not been my imagination and I felt my heart pounding in my throat, but the sound dropped back to something that you might call normal. ‘Bill,’ I called up to where my boss was turning restlessly, ‘wakey wakey, trouble!’ There was some vague rattle from above and then, ‘yeah?’ ‘wakey wakey what, and what kind of problem?’ It had become the standard joke between us when it was time to wake up or change places. A sleepy head peered over the edge down and I said, 'Please, come down because I'm worried about the engine. ‘Bill swung his legs over the edge and lowered himself and listened intently as he sat beside me. ‘Sounds normal,’ he said after a while and just when he had spoken the engine speed dropped back slightly to rise again a second later.

‘Dirty diesel,’ Bill said, as if that made sense and everyone could have known that. ‘It comes out of the tank,’ said Bill, ‘the last remnants of the tank and it is the residue in there, clogging up at times injectors and because diesel is pumped under pressure by vacuum from the engine itself, you get every now and then a sudden accumulated fuel spray, more than the normal flow. ‘ I nodded, it might well be the case. I was more interested in how we should solve this. ‘Now what,’ I asked, as the snow began to swirl. ‘Let's first switch tanks,’ was my boss’ answer, 'and then we have to bleed the engine, let it bleed, which means tinkering, but we  can not do it here, because if we come to a stop, we’ll go through the ice. '

The dream in which Beverly had featured came bubbling up in my mind, but I said nothing, because Bill would have said that you conjured up accidents. It gave me a long-term shiver down my spine. 'Left under the steering wheel is a switch, ‘said my boss,’ to which side is it now? ‘ ‘Right,’ I said. ‘Then the right tank is almost empty and dirty.’ Make some more speed and put the switch to the left, then this monster will go jerky but keep your foot in the same position and the engine will go on again but now with diesel fuel from the left tank, then we need to go to shore. If you let the engine stall than we have a problem. ‘Well,’ I asked? ‘ Bill shook his head, ‘gear down for a longer acceleration, do it now’ I followed his orders immediately, the engine now made more revs in the long creeper and sent a shudder through the combination. ‘Give more gas, Bill instructed me and if I  say ‘yes,’ throw the switch,  is there something that you have not understood?’ I shook my head. I wish I was sitting in my old Pontiac direction POPs with friends to eat a burger there.

‘Yes,’ roared Bill and I threw the switch. It seemed as if I would stall the engine but then it took a regular rhythm again, ‘shift up and to the side,’ said Bill. ‘What do you mean to the side,’ I said, ‘there is no road.’ Bill looked at the trip meter, ‘but within three miles, there is, not the exit that we normally would take, but I it will have to do for now. We will go shore ways and come across it. ‘ ‘Hup into the snow and quickly, or I'll beat you to death.’ My boss's voice was loud and I understood that he meant every word  and sent the combination hard to the right. ‘You'd better keep close to the shore ,’ Bill said, ‘if we go through the ice I’d like to be nearest to the shore as possible and the wheels began to eat their way through the snow, while the falling flakes became thicker. One thousand liters of fuel tank had been driven nearly empty. I knew why, we had always driven in low gears, you use an incredible amount of fuel that way.

We crawled across the ice through the snow right for the shore and I would be happy if we got there.

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