The hidden years in Canada 159, the long road

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The long road

Grunting the empty truck searched its way over the snowy road. ‘If you drive away,’ Bill had said, ‘then you drive slower than normal, because then you have less traction’. I understood him, the last thing you wanted was that the combination would start off with slipping tires and would lose grip on the road and would slither into an abyss. It took longer to get back to the lake than I had expected. Bill brought the truck to the edge of the lake and we came to a halt and he looked at the icy plain in front of him. ‘There is water on the ice,’ he said, pointing through the windshield at the lake that should normally be frozen. ‘How is that possible?’ I asked surprised? ‘We are going to find out,’ said Bill, he put on his Parker and he zipped it up. We stepped into the icy wind and walked to the lake. ‘This is new ice,’ said Bill, and he pointed to the first few meters that actually had a slightly different color from the edge to the middle.

‘I do not understand, I replied in the freezing cold wind. ‘But I do,’ Bill said grimly, ‘Dangerous Sam McCee has without slowing down thundered with his empty truck unto the ice and the shockwave has torn the ice the first meters from the shore. If we had just driven up, we would have gone through it. 'Wat a bastard, ‘I exclaimed indignantly. ‘Ah,’ said Bill, ‘no he's not too bad, the guy just does not think anymore about what he does.’ ‘Can we go over it,’ I asked? ‘No,’ Bill replied resolutely, ‘it will take another couple of hours even with an empty truck.’ I began to understand why Sam was called Dangerous Sam. ‘Should we wait a few hours, then,’ I asked. ‘That remains to be seen,’ said Bill, ‘get me the ice drill,’ while he put on his collar. ‘but it is still too thin, I said. ‘Just do it,’ growled Bill, ‘ my balls are almost freezing and soon they’ll drop off.’ He was right, he was the boss and called the shots and it was excruciatingly cold.

I gave him the ice drill and when I came back from the truck, I started to lose all feeling in my toes. He took it in silence and walked twenty meters away from the new ice. Once there, he drove the point into the frozen surface and the massive drill started slowly into the ice. A few moments later I took over. When we had changed several times, we got through the frozen layer. Bill leaned forward and peered into the hole. ‘This will keeps us,’ he said, bring the drill back.


The truck growled at creeping speed on the last meters of the road and just before the ice Bill brought it to a halt. ‘it's time to swap places,’ he said, ‘I've driven for hours, you know it, no faster than 15 miles per hour above, or I’ll beat your brains out.’ I nodded and walked around while my boss moved over on the bench. Moments later, the combination inched cautiously towards the lake and I drove on to it, expecting anytime a loud crackling sound. But nothing happened. ‘Now slowly steer back to the tack,’ Bill advised me and I cautiously steered slightly towards the path. Bill looked at the trip meter and closed his eyes, 'that's 140 miles from here, ‘he muttered. ‘You don’t stop the first nine hours, I’ll grab some sleep then wake me up if I am not already awake.’ I nodded and Bill climbed over my head into the sleeping part. The truck growled forth, accompanied by rhythmic snoring of the sleeping partner.

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