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Eskimo Earney

'Coffee' shouted Handy Andy to a man who stood at the bar. The man turned around and looked pretty seedy. He chuckled our way, and grabbed a tray and put some mugs on it. ‘Is that not Eskimo Earney,’ Bill asked. ‘ Ha! ‘ laughed Andy and brought his fist down on the table, 'son of a gun, you know everyone. It was not fun or nice but I meant to understand that there was a lot of laughter to emphasize friendship and to make the tension fall aside. So I immediately got the feeling, the warm living room feeling that you have when you come home. Just for a moment. ‘What brings you this way 'Arctic' Handy wanted to know. ‘Money,’ Bill muttered what else. ‘I have a lot of shit behind me again, I am now a single boy '. Handy glanced sideways at my boss, ‘there is no one happily married here,’ he began, ‘and if you had that already, then that changes quickly. Not that your wife immediately runs away with whoever comes past, but more because when you come home everything is different, you can not get used to all the urban hassles. ‘Do you understand that Greenie?’ I nodded a bit.

Eskimo Earney, arrived with a tray of donuts and steaming coffee. He put it down and then sank down on the only remaining chair that creaked under his weight. He looked absolutely not look like an Eskimo. Bill looked at me, 'hey Eski, ‘he began, this is the greenhorn who rides with me. ‘Hi greenboy,’ laughed Eskimo Earney, 'I hope you do not take Arctic too serious. ‘ What can you say to that, so I chuckled once again for a change. ‘You ride together ,? ' I asked. ‘Well no,’ said Handy Andy, ‘then I'd smash his brains in before we’d arrive, we drive for ourselves.’ I looked puzzled and asked, ‘you drive alone?’ ‘Yes,’ said the man who was called Eski, ‘we do not share money .We work six weeks and then earn the same as elsewhere in a year.' ‘You drive 24 hours continuously, without switching off?’ ‘We are with two trucks, so yeah, hey who else would do the driving,’ he began again his overly loud laugh.‘ ‘Yeah, who else,’ laughed Handy Andy, ‘you need to arrive, eh?’ Bill intervened now, and said ' We’ll talk about that later on, I’ll explain it to you' and I had to make do with that. Eski was a friendly bloke, and told one joke after another and we were blue with laughter at the table.


‘We'd better get going,’ said Bill, when he had finished his coffee. He got up and said, 'okay greenie come along,' and we walked away from the table by the door. It had been nice and relaxing. ‘With these guys you have to watch out,’ said Bill, when we were outside, ‘they are as mad as a hatter, it surprised me that they are still alive. ‘They swallow uppers and then sit with square eyes behind the wheel, the worst is that maybe one of them might encounter you.’ ‘Can it be done,’ I asked, ‘can you drive day and night.' ‘Yeah sure,’ Bill said, ‘until your heart fails. ‘Are there any normal people that work here?’ I asked. Bill looked ahead, ‘Not that I know of,’ he replied. I understood that he had confessed to his own life. Nice, I thought, aside of all the nasty weather, the fact was that you had a road full of lunatics. I took the lead and hung it back on the hook near the power pole. The diesel was still warm and fired right away and I waited a few seconds to let it come up to temperature.

'Bill' I said, 'Handy Andy', 'must be a handy guy, I have no doubt, but why is Earney, called Eskimo Earney? ‘ ‘He’s not Eskimo, you can see that.’ ‘You got that right,’ replied Bill, drive away and I'll tell you.

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