The hidden years,132, the cold

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The cold

It seemed to take forever but that was because of the snow which made the eyes really tired and made us fall back in speed . But at last we saw the trading post and working back through the gears we huddled in the parking lot. The cab came to a stop next to a power pole and Bill clicked the link to the truck. ‘ That goes to a spiral beneath the engine block, otherwise the oil becomes too thick in the cold, ‘he explained. It was horrific cold and it was just autumn. ‘It's the polar winds that does it,' said Bill and his breath made his beard already white. A large sign next to the pump with fuel prices also gave the temperature, it was minus 20 degrees. We spoke no more and walked with long strides toward the lit bar. It was built of logs like a big old log cabin rectangular in shape. We were received by a red-hot burner and the few men who were there, were warming themselves beside the stove.

‘Ah,’ said Bill, ‘you must come along here in a few months time , this place does not get warm anymore then. I drove past here with -45 degrees. Yup, the wind is wrong then and then you get that. ‘ We were looking for a spot at the bar as close as possible to the stove and Bill spoke to a man who could have been a lumberjack. One and all beard and a checkered shirt on. 'Hey,' 'said the man, ‘if we do not have Arctic Bill coming by.’ ‘Yep,’ said Bill, ‘the one and only!’ ‘What brings you down here, I thought you were up North for some time?’ ‘Yes, Bill said,’ we are in between rides, we are  going to unload  steel slightly above Fort McMurray and then I’ll call to see what the score is ‘What have  you got food wise today, Bobby Joe?’. ‘It is there,’ the man said proudly, pointing to a large black board. ‘Of late I have a menu!’ There was an old blackboard all there was to choose was written in chalk .I looked and could not believe my eyes. It started with moose burgers with fries and as I read on, I saw that everything had as main dish, Moose. Moose and moose steak. Moose pie, moose soup, moose sausage. Whether or not with fries for breakfast that consisted of eggs, toast, tomatoes and Moose ..


Do me the moose steak, 'said Bill,' well done. ‘ ‘I assume you do not have anything other than Moose,’ I asked. ‘You can read well boy, roared Bobby Joe and Bill laughed. ‘When was the Moose shot,’ Bill wanted to know. ‘Last week,’ said Bobby Joe, ‘it was a big boy, I've been days busy boning him out.’  ‘I'll have a steak and just like Bill, 'well done', please.’ ‘You are lucky that he has shot a moose, Bill laughed 'here you can not be picky, moose has a bit strong taste but for the rest it is okay.’ ‘Here, we eat just what the man has shot and that could be anything’ The moose killer put two large mugs of coffee down and we folded our hands around it. ‘What a life,’ I thought, ‘with winters of minus 45 degrees.’ ‘It's a dry cold, said Bill,’ and that makes the air clear. You must make sure that you do not get a nosebleed from the cold. Do not sweat, because the droplets freeze on your skin and form blisters. When outside do not speak because your lips are moist and then you get cracks, things like that. ‘

‘The truck is more vulnerable,’ he continued, ‘I was not kidding outside, if you do not plug in the cable, then your block freezes up and your engine will split, or the oil is so thick that your engine will not start and if you try to run it, you’ll destroy it. The same goes for the cooling hoses of the water from the radiator to the engine. We have heating coils around them, because otherwise the water freezes, regardless of antifreeze in it or not and you turn your engine to scrap. Only when the engine is up to temperature, the cooling water is of itself warm enough not to freeze up. But believe me in the winter you can forget to start your engine when it has not been plugged in. I resolved to always plug the truck in. ‘Gee thanks,’ I said, these are all things that I did not know.‘ Bill took a sip of coffee and persecuted, put your truck in second gear always when you park somewhere and never on the brake, because they can freeze. You can’t  change the gears as the oil in the gearbox is frozen. So you drive away in second gear and then after a few minutes you can change gears because the gearbox has heated up. ‘This is in no theory book,’ I said. ‘That's right,’ Bill said, ‘here you learn by experience, such as the flaking of diesel, which you should prevent from happening.’ I had never heard of it. ‘Tell me Bill,’ I asked him. ‘Under extreme temperatures diesel flocculates,’ Bill explained, ‘it is no more a liquid and clogs up the filters and then you stand still, believe me you never will want that, especially not with this weather.’


‘So you make sure when you fill up in cold regions that the fuel is ​​calculated for those temperatures. You take precautions ‘‘ And how, ‘I asked? You pour a few gallons of gasoline fuel in your diesel fuel and you have no more problems.’ ‘My head is going dizzy’ I said, 'I hear new things all the time. ‘ I'm going to teach you what I know, ‘said Bill,’ and what I have experienced the hard way, because you are driving in my truck and I do not want you to bring damage to my equipment ‘ ‘I will be careful,’ I  said and thought this is the first  time a boss teaches me something.’

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