The hidden years,126 old acquaintances

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Old acquaintances

A few days had passed after I had almost submerged cook in the hot water. It worked a lot easier, he avoided me and glanced occasionally over his shoulder to see if I was not around. Not that the work was great, but you get accustomed quickly to new situations. It was near the end of the breakfast rush hour and I just got some new dishes with bread from the kitchen, which I had just toasted, when I heard a familiar voice.'Step aside, smuck, were you born dead? ‘ I chuckled if that was not the lip with his team than I was a filthy cook. ‘Walk on,’ I heard him intimidate someone, ‘otherwise I will help you a bit,’ I hurried out through the swinging doors and the lip was loading up his plate. George the pigsty and three new guys whom  I did not know, followed him in his wake. ‘Hey'‘ said the lip to a man who apparently irritated him, 'why are you touching with your hands my tomatoes and beans and sausages, put them back because I have a terrible appetite. ‘

I saw that the dishes with bacon and sausage and beans and tomatoes were almost empty. The man who was in front of the lip, turned around annoyed and then wisely kept his mouth when he saw that he was being laughed at by the scum of the earth.'Lay it down, ‘commanded Louis, now raising his voice. I put the bread down and ducked back into the kitchen to come back with a bowl of fried bacon and sausages. I put them down on the buffet in front of me. ‘Hey lip,’ I shouted 'come here man, with your gangsters. ‘ Special service for Mr. lip 'and I held the dish with bacon up. ‘No,’ cried the lip, ‘The Lord will hump me. if that is not big mother. ‘ Come on, boys,‘ he said to the men in its wake,’ there is a gentleman who has worked for me, big mother, who does not understand me?‘. ’ Let me through,you wankers, said the lip and struggled his broad shoulders through the line forward, left and right, throwing some men over.


What was that man a primate, I thought. He stood a few paces before me.'Fill her up, big mother, ‘laughed the lip. ‘Then it will fall off lip,’ I said, laughing. Let one of your boys, carry an extra plate for you.‘ ‘You're a man after my heart,’ said the lip, smacking his lips. ‘Hey dick head,’ he called over his shoulder to one of his teammates, ‘grab a plate from someone, I am short a plate.’ 'Lip' I said, 'Can I work with you again, I'm between jobs and really need work. ‘ ‘Sorry, big mother, said the lip, no, my father in law  would not allow that, he's been terribly insulted by you. But you know who is looking for drivers? ‘No,’ I said, ‘speak man,’ while the second plate went extra full. ‘Bill Haybe with his truck, his work begins to take off.’ ‘That's great,’ I said, 'I think I have his number somewhere, I'll call him. ‘ The lip walked to a full table and I heard him say, ‘so, you all are finished eating now, all of you piss off.’

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