The hidden years in Canada 111, the love-in

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The love in

Debbie sat beside me on the bench of the big American. The exhaust pounded us forward with deep V8 growling sounds. She looked glamorous. Probably she had been on the lookout, because she was at the door of the building before I could stop the engine of the Pontiac. She was already sitting beside me before I had a chance to gallantly open her door. ‘Is zombie boy not coming,’ she asked? ‘No,’ I said, 'Richard,  is grinding away on literature, he wants to succeed this year and finish highschool. ‘ ‘Hmm,’ she said, ‘he has lately not made any calls.’ This is the way it goes, ‘I said,’ people come and go in your life, that's normal. ‘ CKXL announced a whiter shade of pale, and the organ filled the Pontiac ‘s cabin. Slowly the car slided to the dead end street where Jane kept her love meetings.

A Whiter Shade of Pale might as well have not turned on. There was a strong bass thump that came floating from Jane’s house. I recognized anti-vietnam music by Black Sabbath, so it would again be a combination of love-in, and an anti-Vietnam sit-in. ‘You know’ said Debbie, ‘I feel a little insecure, I know no one here.’ ‘Deb,’ I said , ‘no one really knows, anyone here, the evening will solve this, trust me it's really nice.’ We had to park a bit away because the street was full of people who were chatting and like last time a number of girls danced around  in fashionable clothes in slow circles to the music A large sign was attached to the gate and read in large letters ‘War is over if you want it.’ ‘What a nonsense,’ said Deb, 'if I want the war to stop in Vietnam, then it is not yet over. ‘ No and yes, I said seriously, it is a text by John Lennon, but he has a point when people vote differently, then there will be another government and that can put an end to the war, it's going to be consciousness thing. Become politically aware. Now the text came blurting through a loudspeaker: ‘All we are saying is give peace a chance.’ Some were hopping around with signs that stood up to read, ‘make love not war 'and I laughed at a girl dancing barefoot  with a sign in her hands which read,’ fighting for peace is like fucking for virginity '. I felt connected to that vast amount of people who wanted nothing else than that the world would be a better place. Meanwhile, they still sung, that we had to give peace a chance.


The mood  was a fantastic one. A van pulled up and men jumped out and started to take pictures of the attendees. ‘Is that the newspaper,’ Debbie asked in  surprise? I said 'I do not think so,' 'they are people who work for the police or something, they go to all these meetings and of course they can not come inside, but they shoot many pictures and then there is a service that compares whether there is centralized group that goes to all these happenings. They are terrified of Marxists and if you do not support the government well then you're obviously pro Russian or Marxist. Then they trace these people and their friends and groups. ‘That's ridiculous,’ was Debbie’s opinion. ‘That's what it is,’ I said, but as it works out, that is how things go.’


‘Look,’ I pointed to, 'here comes Jane, the hostess with her entourage. ‘ She looked innocent in a thin Indian blouse and held some flowers in her hand and with her came some men, who looked very oriental. ‘peace’ they called out from afar and then the photographers felt himself closed in by the trendy protesters, she gave a flower to the nearest man, a civil servant who looked around in a frightened way. ‘Take a picture of it,’ she called to the others of the photo service. ‘Quickly, we are here now, the world has not ended yet.’ 'Love,' is the answer, peace, brother 'and she kissed him on the forehead. 'Far out' I heard her followers laugh, and in doing so expressing their support. ‘This is flower power,’ I said to Debbie, ‘you disarm violence by denying it.’ ‘Throw those cameras away,’ she shouted, ‘come join us, Peace love, happiness.’ I touched my own love beads that hung around my neck with a peace sign and I felt super hip. The man was obviously at war with himself but duty won over desire and he struggled through the crowd back to the van with his colleagues in his wake. Lennon escorted from the speaker their departure, with a 'give peace a change

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