The hidden years in Canada 109, the Elks

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An hour later we came out of the Land Management Department where the archivist had noted the claim and had placed it in a folder with maps. ‘Have you found anything,’ said Jones from Land Management? When we nodded, he said, ‘you can have it tested at levels at the state lab, do you want to have the address?’ ‘Very much, I said, 'it was unknown to me that there was such a service?’ ‘Remember,’ laughed the man, ‘send it registered.’ He pushed us a card with an address and concluded with, ‘a nice day’, this was a sign that the Land Management Jones wanted to immerse himself again in his paper and we left the room.

‘Now I terribly fancy a cup of coffee,’ I said and Bev joined in, ‘then we're going to break camp and head for home, where we’ll put you in a comfortable chair.’ So we walked inside the snack bar of old Jones, the bell rang merrily and Jones looked up from the dishes he was doing. ‘No,’ he said, smiling, the lame leading the blind. ‘ ‘Laugh,’ said Don, and he pointed at me, ‘he was just about killed by a chucklewig.’ ‘Not too loud,’ said mother Bev, ‘he has a slight concussion, we’ll only have some coffee and then go home.’ Jones nodded and grabbed four cups off the rack.

‘What was this Chucklewig like,’ he asked in hushed tones? I do not know, ‘I replied,’ but it was behind me and I had to hurry because it wanted  to catch me, when I came to the river, he tried to run me down and then I came to again when it was day. ‘ ‘You have in any case a significant bump over your sunglasses,’ murmured the old man, 'had you been drinking or using dope. ‘ Who runs at night through a forest? ‘ ‘We do not use dope,’ Bev said angrily, and she said so definite and loud that I winced. ‘He had a fever,’ said Don, ‘when it happened, the leeches.’ You city people do nice things in the bush, ‘thought Jones. We took along the coffee and sat down at a table. ‘The fact remains that I heard all night long branches break around the base camp, I mentioned and I must say that it was bad being  alone. ‘I do have a picture’ said Bev. ‘Do the scouts want another refill.’ Jones wanted to know while he came with the coffeepot. ‘Go ahead,’ I said and made a round with my finger along our cups.

‘I had to warn you yesterday, but you were gone too fast,’ said the old man. ‘You must be careful in the forest, you know. It was on the radio. The Elk track has started. ‘ ‘What does that imply,’ Richard asked. ‘You really come from the city Hey,’ the man laughed scornfully. ‘ If it gets colder, then the Elks of the hills go to the lower realms and they ruin our trees for lack of food, they eat away the bark of the trees. ‘ ‘Is it not a species of deer,’ said, Richard? ‘What's so dangerous about it.’ ‘It's a deer,’ said Jones, ‘and aggressive in nature if they are in the rut.’. ‘If they are in what,’ asked Don. ‘In the rut,’ said the old Jones restive .. 'which is now hey, the rutting season, which begins now pretty much in the fall, they throw in the spring. ‘ ‘You do not want to encounter such reared males, let alone if there is a pull of a few thousand.’ ‘Deer are dangerous,’ said Bev surprised? ‘The Elk is a primal deer,’ explained Jones. The damage it causes to forests is immense and rangers estimate their numbers during a trek, using a helicopter. Then they give out warnings and determine how many thousands there may be shot. A multi-year male easily weighs 600 kilos and eats as much tree bark as his weight. ‘


‘What kind of noise do they make,’ I asked? ‘If you could hear them at all then you are too close to them, they are very fond of their area,’ Jones laughed, ‘it's a kind of snorting, a snorting sound.’ ‘I'm coming,’ exclaimed Jones, to some cowboys who were waiting impatiently at the counter and he walked away. ‘So,’ said Don, ‘I know what your chucklewigs were like.’

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