The hidden years in Canada 106 , the chucklewigs

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It was quiet, the night breathed out a chilly silence and I was twisting and tossing, I did not feel good. Occasionally I dozed off to sleep and then I was wide awake, my head ached, I knew it, I was sick. I woke up because I was so warm  and the sweat stood on my chest and a little later I was shivering with cold. A damp mist began to form around me. At last I dozed off, I was glad that Bev was coming tomorrow. That was my last clear thought. The crackle startled me, the same creaking of the previous evenings but now multiplied. There was a gasping chuckle and I did not have to guess what was coming down the hillsides. My blood froze, a wistful sigh came long as a finger that seeks you out, closing in through the air. It was a screeching cry. It came from the river. I knew it, my hour had come, the river god had left his watery stay and was on the road and I did not have to guess who he was looking for. It would have been Don under normal circumstances, but in the absence of others, he would want me. I was surrounded, I could notice the branches breaking and the chuckling .. I would be a sacrifice, and my friends would find me torn apart and scattered around the countryside

‘Lie still,’ I thought, but then I  realized that this was a bad choice, I was already located. I cursed myself why I had not listened to Bev. It was quiet again, I had imagined it and just as I had myself quite reassured, the icy and seeking cry sounded again, becoming very close. I jumped up with the machete in hand and knew there was only one direction where I could run, back to the river. I was surrounded for the rest. There was now crackling behind me to the left and right of me, I tripped and broke my fall with both hands and then I ran away again I realized that the machete was still there somewhere in the dark. Unarmed, I was unarmed, I could not even defend myself, now I had no chance. The chuckle wigs had taken the blankets and by the full moon I saw the ghosts in the mist that tore them up,the air was filled with snorting and chuckling, I ran and ran. What would be more pleasant, I thought, drowning in the river by means of the river God or being torn apart by the Chuckle wigs?


I fell again and the dreadful cry blew past me on a gust of wind. I was already half running and limping and I jumped into the water. I had no doubts. the otherwise quiet forest was now obviously full of life, the sounds were not from the air. I waded into the middle of the water and saw that there was now a light mist floating in from the mountains., I thought  it had an advantage and a disadvantage. I did not see them ..and hopefully they would not see me. There was a noise behind me ...closing in. I gave it everything I had and jumped and ran forward now. I smelled the chuckle wig, I heard the snort and chuckle. I just reached the other side when I was hit. The blow was terrible, I was thrown to the ground and I felt nothing more,the lights went out. The last thing I saw was the ground rushing up to me and which hit me with full force.

San Daniel 2015

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