The hidden years in Canada 97, the attack

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The attack

‘Look,’ said Don, ‘and tell me what this is.’ ‘We know what that is,’ whispered Bev. ‘It is the footprint of a, you know what.’ It was more than a footprint. It was a track that had been stepped with large gaps in between. I put my foot next to the nearest print and you really saw what must have been the big foot print. The width was half the width of my foot more and a half feet in length longer. When I removed my foot, you saw only a minimal impression of where my shoe had been. ‘Do you understand what I see,’ I asked in general. ‘I think so,’ Richard replied, ‘There's no arch and it must have had a fairly heavy weight to make an impression of 2 centimeters deep, where I barely changed the ground. I put my foot back beside the first print and took a big exaggerated step forward. I did not even come close to the second step. ‘Our friend,’ Richard began, ‘is tall and strides with monster steps through life.’ ‘I want to be out of here,’ Bev said, ‘I think this is an unpleasant place. That step of Chuckle .. eh ..  should just not exist. ‘ ‘He comes from the mountains,’ I thought, 'He stood here and watched over the plain.' It occurred to me that no one wanted to utter Chucklewig like if by mentioning the name, the creature would come forward.

‘There is something else,’ said Don, ‘it walks on two, let’s say feet. A bit like we walk. ‘ ‘Yes,’ Bev asked, eyebrows raised? ‘ With dogs and other large animals, you have the foot,  and nail or claw imprint. ‘ ‘Those are missing here. So I would assume that in any case the feet are more human-like than animal-like. ‘ ‘Again, I have an oppressive feeling,’ said Bev, ‘as if we are being watched. I want to go, there is no reason to stay here longer. The stream is hidden and well so be it. I want to go back. ' ‘That may well be difficult,’ Richard thought as he pointed to the mountain.


A cloud came sliding over the ridge a heavy cloud that just worked itself over the ridges and spreading  behind her a curtain of mist. ‘Let the print for what it is,’ I said, ‘we need to get back to the stream before the fog gets us lost.’ The patches around us took a definite form and it was not long before we could only see a few meters ahead of us. 'Stay together, ‘Don advised us if we'd do something different. ‘We must use our heads,’ said Bev, ‘who was always the most practical of all. ‘We’ll walk to that big rock’ and pointing at it, she changed direction ‘and we’ll take a break and make a plan to get back to the river. ‘ The rock was huge and when we sat down with our backs against it, I said, 'there is a problem, without wanting it, we have strayed. I can not recall having seen this rock before.‘ ‘Ssht,’ said Don, with terror in his eyes, ‘they have come to get us and he pointed behind him over the rock.’ Now we heard what Don had obviously heard before. Branches breaking and a sound that I could not place. It undeniably came down the mountainside. Then I heard the sound, a grunting like chuckle and I saw in the fog here and there a shadow and my blood froze.

San Daniel 2015

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