The hidden years in Canada 96, the footprints

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The footprint

It was a tight plan and there was a lot to say for it, or you would cross the stream again or you had to make a second, a larger circle, from the point where you met again. I realized that it could have been done easier, from that point you had already walked the path behind you and you only needed to make a half circle forward. I was wondering if we would indeed cross the stream again. ‘You know,’ Richard said, ‘I think this is not going to work. The closer we get to the mountains, the greater the chance that we encounter streams or water sources, water that comes almost to the surface. You must not think of a stream that as a whole goes absconding and then comes back to the surface again. This will be an area very rich in water, so you probably have a large underground storage of water, or in addition, water that is trapped between rock strata and slowly leaking away over millions of years. You can not determine with any possibility if the water that you might encounter is the same as the water of a stream 100 meters to the left or right. Let alone if that's 2 or 300 meters to the left or right. For the same token we run across an underground lake, fed by melting snow, rain or whatever else and it only has a limited saturation capacity and then empties to a source on a lower plane or flows away like a stream. ‘

‘You're absolutely right,’ I said, 'we're wasting our time. At least if you want to find our first stream, which is just a stream, because it comes to the surface and flows down, because all the land runs to the lowest point, the river. Which does not mean that if we do find some water, it's not interesting to see whether it contains gold dust. The best thing is when we find a river or stream where the gold ceases to be present. Then the vein is near there and we can strike a claim. ‘ So talking and looking about we came closer to the other team. ‘See those plumes of mist in the distance,’ Richard said, ‘with a little imagination you could think that we are walking through the mythical Avalon.’ ‘Richard,’ I said, 'you are citing mythical places from Arthur legends, you are making progres. You who disliked literature and Historical texts so much. ‘ Richard grinned sheepishly, ‘I've been really busy this week with ancient texts, really you know. Like we discussed the 'ancient mariner' in the truck. Not like our master, but just by looking differently at the lyrics, as we did, as if it were a puzzle which awaited  solution. ‘ ‘How nice,’ I said, 'you're going to pas your Literature block your block I'm sure now. ‘


‘Have you found anything,’ I asked Don and Bev? They both shook their heads. ‘No,’ said Bev. ‘It would not have mattered anyway,’ Richard said and repeated the whole story about possible underground lakes. ‘Shall we celebrate it with still a semicircle more then,’ said Bev, ‘just to learn from it?’ ‘All right then,’ I laughed and I looked up, past the branches of the giant trees around us, at huge clouds that began to accumulate. ‘But we’ll make a half circle, because the weather doesn’t please me at all.’ ‘We should not have done so,’ Richard said after we had walked a few moments, ‘it is beginning to get almost misty.’ I now saw what Richard had mentioned before, .. it was no longer a sporadic plume of mist now, but at times you walked through a motionless fog patch. ‘ It is forming fog banks, ‘he said. ‘What do you mean,’ I asked as I shivered and did not really even want to hear his answer. ‘ It, the forest,’ Richard said, ‘or the river.’. ‘shut up’, I said, ‘ don’t speak about it. You never know what you are  conjuring up. ‘ ‘It has come for Don, I think,’ Richard said. ‘Be quiete,’ I said, ‘Please, I do not want to hear it.’

Don began to shout in the distance and pointed to the ground .. we rushed towards it, 'the brook', thought Richard, but as the fog began to pack together, we saw what Don had found, a trail of large prints, which were not animal and could not be human.

San Daniel 2015

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