Second Life

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Online game: Second life

Second life is one of the most popular online game in the world. More than 36 million people play this game every day. It is fun, interesting and you an even earn money. Yes, you can earn money. Second life has its own economy. You can buy and sell items. But, you can find a job as well. The official currency in the game is the Linden dollars. They can be converted into US Dollars. You can make your own clothes, items and sell them. However, you should know several things before you start, because this is not an easy process.

Playing Second Life is easy. You will have to register on their website and make an account. After that, you will have to download the installation file. You should know that the installation file has a small size. But, it will download more files when you start the installation process. The size of the game is more than 4GB. Also, it will save your records and progress on your HDD , so the size will be increased the more you play. After the installation, you will have to log in, and you can play.

The interface is very easy to use. You have an avatar that you make. You have many options, so you can make the avatar as you like. Also, later in the game, you can customize your avatar. This means that you can customize your avatar. You can change its clothes, accessories and even the skin. This means that your avatar can be Caucasian, African-American or Asian.

In order to move through the game, you will have to use W, A, S and D keys. On the bottom part of the screen, you will see three options. They are: walk, run and fly. When you are moving you should use the walk option, because if you use the run option, other people will look at you. You can use the option fly, but this isn’t allowed in certain places. For example, you cannot use the fly option in clubs or private properties. On the other side, you can use the fly option on many places. In order to visit another place, you can use the teleport option. This will teleport your avatar on the desired destination.

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