The hidden years in Canada 88, the print

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The print

It was a wonderful carefree afternoon . ‘You know,’ I said, 'do you see those clouds there, it is soon going to pour down, it might be wise to go before the weather turns. ‘ ‘It's unfortunate,’ Bev said, ‘but you're right,’ otherwise you here just in a thunderstorm. ‘ A cloud moved in front of the sun and suddenly the idyllic setting turned into something that was unpleasant, but also in terms of temperature setting. There was a threat hanging in the air. Bev shuddered, 'yes,' she said, 'it is high time. We will come back in a week and you're probably here onTuesday again. ‘ ‘Yes,’ I said as I began to dress. ‘First to the registry, and then I'm going to define areas where we have more chance .. I will do some shopping and take the car to explore the area.’ ‘Why,’ asked Don, ‘you're going to pan,right?’ ‘Yes, that too, but the parking lot will get further and further behind us and there are probably up stream more parking places that are close to the river.’

‘Anyway, I'll be off here on Friday morning to pick you up, and if you are ready and waiting at POP’s after school then the real expedition can begin.’ The air was now openly threatening, there was no glimmer of sunlight, all was gloomy and overcast. 'You need to buy a map of the area, ‘Richard said,’ I'm sure that you can buy that at any gas station. ‘ ‘The time passes differently here than in the city, do you notice,’ said Bev, while still looking around if she had all that belonged to her. ‘Everything seems to go slow motion, I have the idea that I've been here for weeks, but these were just a few days. ‘

Don stood over the river and wet his hair and with a pocket comb he gave his lank hair a bold move to the right .'Don, for once please hurry up, ‘said Bev,’ soon there will be a deluge crashing down. I always need to urge you on, then it seems like I am nagging but it is you causing it.‘


Don now cupped his hands and scooped up some water. I genuinely thought he only was going to wash some sand of his face, but before anyone could say anything, he took a swig of water. ‘Don,’ Bev exclaimed, ‘spit it out,’ but we saw him swallowing. ‘What a commotion,’ Don thought, ‘I can surely drink a bit when I am thirsty.’ ‘Don,’ Bev said, ‘your word is worth nothing and’ ... but she was drowned out by a deep rumble in the sky and the black clouds opened up and lightning flew over the valley, the air rattled around us. Another one cracked before dissolving into an explosion of sound. ‘Not walking through the water,’ Richard said, ‘then we are the highest point and we are at risk to be affected by the lightening.’ We walked a bit inland from the shore below the high vegetation and that is where Don froze.

The first tentative splash came hesitantly down. ‘Keep moving,’ said Richard, to Don but he was frozen. ‘Come here, you gotta see,’ he said, his face was ashen gray. ‘What Don,’ Bev said impatiently, there was the imprint of a foot, the size of a print that could have made by a bear but it had not been a bear. It was human like in essence but impossibly big and it must have been a foot that carried a lot of weight, because the print was at least two inches deep. ‘Holy shit,’ Richard said, pointing up into the bush. At a height of 2 meters a thick strand of hair or fur was stuck in the bushes. Red in color in texture like something that came from a coat. We fell silent when Bev spoke again it was a whisper. ‘I want to leave here, now,’ and she went on, ‘Don, this is your fault you have called this upon us,’ we stepped into the water and the falling rain was no longer felt by us.

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